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Feedback form the Indigenous Land Corporation’s open house, June 26 2008

The indigenous Land Corporation held an open house at the Redfern site on June 26th 2008. At that event community input was invited and below is a report from the ILC on the community input from this open house.

 At the Open House community input was invited. Specifically, three questions were posed:

  1. Which local groups might want to access the centre from time to time, or lease space
  2. Which activities would you like to see the Centre offering to the local community?
  3. What are the significant stories from the site and the local community that may be reflected in artworks, landscaping, or in other ways?

Given the nature of the responses, Twyford Consulting have grouped the answers to these questions in with other more general comments. We then grouped all comments as follows.


  • Some (any) green space
  • Plant trees outside the site on George Street as soon as possible so they can get established
  • Building sustainability – 1. Water 2. Sewage 3. Energy
  • Need to notify community about contamination issues


  • How can we talk about partnerships with local youth services?  We are very keen to collaborate (South Sydney Youth Services)
  • What partnerships are being offered or expected to occur between the centre and local schools?
  • Establish good working relationship with local community


  • Facilities for contemporary music workshops
  • Will indigenous businesses be able to lease space?
  • What spaces will be available for community groups’ use?
  • A playground for local and visiting children.  There are less playgrounds in Redfern than all other surrounding suburbs
  • I want to come here to play netball
  • How accessible will facilities be to local people?
  • Young local girls definitely need a netball court for training.  Nothing local for us.  Darlington Dingos has 3 teams = 27 girls.  Ages 8-12


  • What about the concept of a National Indigenous Maritime Academy in one small space
  • Tribal warrior would thrive in an environment like this!
  • Training program – some focus on practical skills such as plumbing
  • Kids breakfast program?
  • Boxing is wanted in this community
  • Theatre for the kids.  Workshops! Dance!
  • Possible users: Check out groups who used to meet at Rachael Forster who have lost their meeting place


  • How is it going to be managed?  Will the CEO be an Aboriginal identified position?
  • A large percentage of employees should be indigenous
  • Employment for locals – tutoring etc
  • What will be the ratio of male and female programs?
  • What happens if the organisation running the gym decides to leave?  How will the facilities be maintained?


  • Concern about how people coming into NIDC will be impacted by clients using drug services at rear of new Redfern Community Health Centre and possible resultant “honey pot” effect
  • Access to field from Cope 87 - Residents currently have access and have had for 5 years – Site used heavily for diverse purpose – Redfern has so little open space – this access is critical – for all apartment residents with no garden, this space is critical


  • Language – interact with local experts to help reclaim local languages
  • Acknowledgement of local Aboriginal people who have contributed to the community e.g. naming of places, building blocks after them
  • Very excited about broad community designed centre.  It sounds great
  • Great interaction with what’s involved in getting it to this stage – thanks.  Looking forward to it

If you would like any more information about the project please contact Stuart Waters at or on free call number 1800 11 00 55.