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RWA - ILC - YMCA Meeting Report - 17 February 2009

[The statement below has been provided by the RWA to report on the progress of the Youth Services and the NIDC. The statement was issued as a clarification following the 4 March 09 Redfern Waterloo Issues Update article where Geoff and Lyn Turnbull, who produced the article on the ILC, were not aware that there had been a meeting with agencies over the NIDC and the role of the YMCA - REDWatch]


  • The RWA are working with the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) on the National Indigenous Development Centre. Progress to date includes;
    • areas in the facility  being allocated for counselling rooms to be available for use by other youth services;
    • Agreement by the ILC and the YMCA to deliver the Sport and Recreation Youth Precinct actions to the community.
    • A Memorandum of Understanding is currently being developed between the RWA, ILC and the YMCA to outline the specifications of the agreement.
  • The RWA hosted a Youth Services Planning Meeting on the 17th February 2009. Invitations were sent by the ILC to an extensive mailing list of youth and sport related services. Thirty people attended the workshop which was independently facilitated by Twyfords consulting. . The RWA offered at this workshop to facilitate future youth service meetings and is currently developing a program with the ILC and the YMCA.
  • The YMCA and ILC are currently planning for the establishment of a Youth Advisory Committee to inform the NIDC about how to best address the main issues raised from the workshop, being:
    • Better provision of activities after business hours
    • Better provision of youth programs for young women
    • Better communication of youth services between organisations/ agencies - what does being a 'hub' for youth services mean to a young person?
  • The ILC and the YMCA are working with the youth and sporting organisations to form a Youth Advisory Committee and are seeking their assistance in spreading the word to interested members.

Source: Redfern Waterloo Authority