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The groundbreaking education programme of Rev. Bill Crews' Exodus Foundation will be included in the new National Centre for Indigenous Development at Redfern — the plans for which will be announced today.

Rev. Bill Crews will join Frank Sartor, the NSW Minister for Planning and Minister for Redfern Waterloo, and Shirley McPherson, the Chairperson of the Indigenous Land Corporation for the official project launch on the site of the old Redfern Public School.

The Indigenous Land Corporation has purchased the site for construction of the National Centre for Indigenous Development which will house organisations providing educational, sporting, recreational and accommodation services for Indigenous youth.

When completed the National Centre for Indigenous Development will feature the Exodus Foundation's acclaimed education programme which is based on the teaching methods developed in conjunction with Macquarie University. Over the past 10 years the programme has changed the lives of hundreds of students at the Exodus Foundation's Ashfield Tutorial school.

"We already help dozens of Aboriginal students with their schooling every year. Many of the students we help are at risk of dropping out of the education system entirely, but after completing our programme over 90% of them remain at school for at least 4 years", said Rev. Crews.

The Federal Government has already contributed $50,000 to the Exodus Foundation education programme which will operate in specifically designed classrooms within the Centre catering for the educational needs of up to 60 students every year.

"This development is a new deal for Redfern. It represents a fresh start, and will provide young Aboriginal people with the means to lift themselves out of the poverty trap", said Rev. Crews.


This Media Statement from Rev Bill Crews was part of the Media Kit at the Media Conference on 11 July 2006 to announce that the ILC would proceed to purchase the former Redfern Public School site and establish a National Indigenous Development Centre.