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ILC 4 - Text from ILC Redfern School Display - 11 July 2006

This is the text from the second and third display boards setting out what the ILC is currently proposing for the Former Redfern School Site.

[Display Board 2]


The historic Redfern Public School currently comprises four former school buildings on a 1.63 Ha site in the heart of Redfern.

The Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) has developed a preliminary master plan design for the proposed Centre. Construction is expected to commence in early 2007 and is likely to lake a minimum of 18 months to complete. The Centre will provide accommodation and dining facilities for up to 100 people, a training field, multi-use classrooms and a 25-metre outdoor heated pool. Construction cost is estimated at S19 million.

The old school oval will be upgraded to a training field suitable for Rugby League / Rugby Union and Soccer.


In October 2005, the ILC, the NSW Department of Education and Training (DET) and the Redfern-Waterloo Authority signed a Heads of Agreement to enable the ILC to purchase the Redfern Public School. The ILC and the NSW Government agreed to a joint independent valuation of the property which valued it at $14.8 million. The NSW Minister for DET has recently accepted the ILC offer of $14.8 million to purchase the site. At this stage the ILC expects to take legal ownership of the property in August September 2006.


The new National Centre for Indigenous Development will provide recreational, training and accommodation facilities for indigenous youth from remote and regional Australia. The following sporting organisations will use the Centre:

  • The National Aboriginal Sports Corporation Australia (bonded by David Liddiard).
  • The Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development Team

These organisations regularly bring indigenous youth from across Australia to the Sydney region for venous sporting events and life development programs.

It is estimated that programs for approximately 5,000 people are run annually. The Centre will enable these and many more indigenous organisations to deliver important programs by providing appropriate and affordable accommodation.

These programs support young indigenous people who have already reached a level of achievement in their own community and demonstrate the wide-ranging opportunities that are available to them in their chosen field of sport, education or training.

In this way the Centre will support broader Government initiatives to improve educational outcomes and break the cycles of indigenous youth unemployment and welfare dependency, which can often bring indigenous youth in contact with the criminal justice system or lead to drug alcohol and substance abuse.


The new National Centre for Indigenous Development will become the hub for a host of activities and organisations.

Other organisations planning to relocate to the new Centre include:

  • The Police and Community Youth Club (PCYC) is supported by the NSW Government to fund a purpose-built PCYC on the site that will provide for a range of sporting, social and structured learning activities for the indigenous residents of the Redfern area.

  • Educational outcomes will be achieved through the provision of classrooms for the Exodus Tutorial Centre founded by the Reverend Bill Crews. The Exodus Foundation provides tailored teaming environments to improve the literacy levels of disadvantaged indigenous students. Exodus will he catering to the needs of 60 local indigenous children when the Centre is fully operational

In addition, the indigenous owned and managed Murawina Child Care Centre and Pre-School is currently accommodated on site. This arrangement will continue once the new Centre is developed. Murawina provides affordable long-term day care and pre-school classes for children in the Redfern-Waterloo area. Murawina is licensed to take up to 69 children, the majority of whom are indigenous.

[Display Board 3] 


The two-level Police & Community Youth Club offers a variety of sport and recreation facilities for children and adults. On the ground level it provides indoor activity rooms for sports such as boxing, taekwondo and other martial arts, dance classes and weight training. Smaller rooms are used for small meetings of other agencies and community groups, photography and computer classes. A large sports court for basketball, volleyball, badminton, indoor soccer and netball, complete with bleacher seating is located on the upper level. A 25m heated outdoor swimming pool will also be included.


Located on the lower level with its own landscaped outdoor space, the Exodus Redfern Tutorial Centre will accommodate up to 60 children with 6 teachers and 6 volunteers. Each child stays a minimum of 6 months up to 12 months.


Offices for the National Aboriginal Sports Corporation Australia are located on the upper level. NASCA works as a close partner with the PCYC. It organises Rugby League events similar to the Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development Team. Children will stay at the National Centre for Indigenous Development for the duration of an event, using the rugby field, dormitories and related facilities.


The Murawina Child and Day Care Centre provides childcare for 59 indigenous and non indigenous children —39 children in the Day Care Centre and 20 children in the Preschool.

The uniqueness of Murawina is in the contemporary teaching of indigenous culture that reflects the urban environment we live in. There is a strong focus on health and nutrition.


The Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development Team (LMRDT) is committed to promote Rugby Union for young aboriginal men and women, so that the participation rate is increased in future years. It currently organises rugby and netball events and plans to include other sports in future. Children will stay at the National Youth Development Centre for the duration of an event, using the rugby field, the dining and recreation facilities and any of the PCYC facilities. The dormitories can accommodate up to 80 children and 20 adults. A central dining and function area, with full kitchen, occupies the 1870s building.


A rugby/soccer training field, with parking below, will be available for the Centre and other users.