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The Exodus Foundation will operate a tutorial centre in newly built, specifically designed classrooms within the future National Indigenous Development Centre.

The Exodus Foundation's acclaimed education programme based on teaching methods developed in conjunction with Macquarie University has assisted the lives of hundreds of students at the Exodus Foundation's Ashfield Tutorial School for the past 10 years.

The new Tutorial Centre in Redfern will cater for 60 Indigenous children annually, providing intensive literacy programs for young people aged between 10 -14 years to improve literacy levels, school attendance and classroom behaviour. Many children from the Redfern area currently travel to attend the Ashfield Tutorial Centre.

The future Tutorial Centre will also provide an afternoon program providing "top-up" education for children who need extra work and possibly with adult programs as well.

The Exodus Foundation has obtained funding commitments from the Commonwealth and the private sector.


This Fact Sheet was part of the Media Kit at the Media Conference on 11 July 2006 to announce that the ILC would proceed to purchase the former Redfern Public School site and establish a National Indigenous Development Centre.