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Support the Exodus Tutorial Centre Redfern

This background on how to support the work of the Exodus Tutorial Centre Redfern was handed out at the opening of the Tutorial Centre on Sunday 11th March 2007.

The Project

The Exodus Foundation Tutorial Centre Redfern is an exciting new project that will provide excellence in education to the disadvantaged children of Redfern. For the past 11 years the Exodus Foundation has brought the joy of reading, the chance of education and the gift of a future to children such as these.

The children we help have, amongst other problems, poor literacy and are well behind their peers at school. They are at risk of becoming further disaffected, and of dropping out of school entirely. Often they experience a troubled home life.

Our programs have had an extraordinary impact — over 650 children have been set on a path to a brighter future.

The Tutorial Centre program being offered at Redfern is a systematic and intensive literacy program developed by Macquarie University Special Education Centre. Children who are disadvantaged and behind in reading skills are refered to our Tutorial Centre by local schools. Over a period of just 20 weeks our Tutorial Centre program is able to achieve remarkable results with these children. In many cases they leave with reading levels equal to or better than those of their peers in regular school.

  • 'The current aim of the Exodus Foundation Tutorial Centre Redfern is to advance the literacy levels of disadvantaged children to an age appropriate level.
  • We know we are successful — children are tested when they enter the program and when they leave. Research shows that students regularly exceed expectations and perform at a more advanced level than peers who did not attend the program.
  • The program is provided free of charge. Children are identified through local schools land are encouraged to enrol.
  • 'Our senior instructors are highly qualified, holding education or psychology postgraduate qualifications. All are strongly committed to the wellbeing of the students.
  • Volunteers are trained in special reading and training techniques. They spend five 'sessions with a child each week.
  • The student/teacher ratio is one to five — children are on task 90% of the time and get the attention they need to improve
  • Teachers practice positive teaching which is aimed at building self esteem and changing self-defeating behaviours.
  • Participating local schools release the students for five mornings per week for the duration of the 20 week program.
  • We will assist up to 64 children per year. The majority are indigenous children.

The Cost

  • We need $2million to run the Exodus Foundation Tutorial Centre Redfern into 2008 and beyond.

Estimated costs in 2008.

Program                                            $760,000
Bus and driver (outsourced)             $  48,000
Rent on premises                              $  42,000
Excursions, textbooks and treats      $  20,000
Operations and maintenance            $  10,000

Total                                                  $880,000

  • The cost per student is $13,750 to complete the 20 week program.

If we consider the cost of ignorance then this is a good investment. If we consider this investment in the broadest terms, it offers immeasurable value that will return an enormous dividend to the community during the lifetime of each child we help.

Non-government contributions so far

Ernst & Young Foundation           $50,000
Private donations                        $25,000
                                                    $  4,000
                                                    $  2,000
                                                    $     150          
                                                    $     100

In Partnership with You

In recognition of your support we will create, where possible, the following opportunities for you:

  • Visiting opportunities to observe the school and students.
  • Volunteer opportunities as reading partners.
  • Photo opportunities with Rev. Bill Crews and the Exodus Foundation staff and volunteers.
  • Suitable opportunities for naming rights.

Invitation to Contribute

We invite you to consider investing further in the future of the children who attend the Exodus Tutorial Centre Redfern. Below are some contributions to consider.

Support a child for one week                                           $     700.00
Contribute to excursions and rewards for the children    $   1000.00
Contribute to the cost of the bus and driver                    $   2000.00 (two weeks)
Contribute on a regular monthly basis                             $     500.00 (per month)
Support a child for one month                                          $  2,800.00
Support a child through a 20 week course                       $13,750.00 (per child)
Name a scholarship in honour of a special person           $13,750.00 (per child)
Pledge to support the program for 3 to 5 years               $20,000.00 (per year)

If you would like to make a donation, or you want to discuss how you might contribute, please contact:

Michael Crews:  02 8752 4600
Leonie Wilbow:  02 8752 4622

The Exodus Foundation 180 Liverpool Road Ashfield NSW 2131- P: 02 8752 4600 • F: 02 9798 8867  • W: www.billcrews.com.au