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The 3801 Ltd occupancy of the LES.

3801 Ltd operated the 3801 steam locomotive out of the Large Erecting Shop until its lease ran out in late 2006. In early 2007 some other heritage rolling stock was removed from the Large Erecting Workshop by the Office of rail Heritage and transferred to the RTM at Thirlmere. 3801 Ltd continued to operate heritage tours out of the "Large" until 2017 when they were locked out of the LES. When Mirvac purchased the ATP site it obtained the first rights to the LES should it become surplus to rail requirements. Here we have collected some material from 3801 Ltd. including their submission to the RWA on the Draft Built Environment Plan. The 3801 Ltd submission includes as an appendix an Assessment of the Adequacy of the Structure and Electrical Services of the Large. It also documents the struggle by 3801 Ltd over the 3801 Locomotive and the struggle to remain operating heritage tours from the LES.
File 3801 Ltd Submission on the RWA Built Environment Plan
This PDF file contains the 3801 Ltd Submission on the RWA Draft BEP. The Attachment on the Adequecy of the large has been posted as a seperate file. Please note that to maintain a workabe size for the PDF file we have not been able to use colour photos. File is 702 Kb PDF.
File Large Erecting Shed Assessment of Adequacy.
This PDF file contains the Apendix to the 3801 Ltd Submission on the RWA Draft BEP. The Attachment provides an Assessment of Adequacy - Structure and Electrical Services of the "Large". The report is important as it shows that the cost of maintainence necessary on the Large is around $3 million which is considerably less than the $12-15 million currently being quoted by the RWA and Railcorp. PDF file is a large 2.3 MB. Please Note - that while the 'Large' is owned by Railcorp this Assessment was commissioned by 3801 Ltd & paid for by 3801 Ltd. No help was received from RailCorp to produce this report on their property!
File $20 Million Plan to conserve NSW Rail Heritage as collaboration urged over 3801 PDF
This is a PDF of the Rail Heritage anouncement.
What is Happening at Eveleigh and 3801 Ltd - 24 February 2007
Below we have reproduced part of the "'01 NEWS Number 2" which contains an update on what is happening with 3801 and the Large. Details of 3801 Ltd Tours can be found on their website
What would Gladys Do?
With 3801 Ltd locked in a battle with Transport for NSW to be able to stay at the Large Erecting Shop (LES) in 2017 under a Berejiklian government, it is interesting to look back at the comments Gladys Berejiklian made in 2006 as then Shadow Transport Minister when 3801 Ltd was locked in a similar battle with the then NSW Labour government. You can see these in the media release below. What is the current equivalent of "A NSW Liberal/Nationals Government would ensure RailCorp renews the existing lease and was prevented from disposing of any of the rolling stock"? Maybe it is time for Gladys to take a personal interest in what is currently happening to 3801 Ltd to ensure they get a renewed lease and can continue to operate out of Eveleigh.
3801 Ltd again under threat in 2017
Eveleigh Heritage rail operator, 3801 Ltd, after two years of difficult dealings with Transport Heritage NSW, was locked out of Eveleigh’s Large Erecting Shop (LES) at the end of January 2017. It can no longer operate its scheduled trips including the Cockatoo Run to the Illawarra and tours which collaborate with the cruise ship industry. Anything that leaves the LES cannot be returned to it.
Concern for the Railway Heritage of Eveleigh Workshops.
A Statement from 6th October 2006 from several former Eveleigh Workshop employees with a long held interest in preserving NSW Railway Heritage.
Eveleigh Links RWA, REDWatch and Other Websites
This list of links was prepared for those wanting to find out more about the Future of the Eveleigh Workshops. Please submit any suggestions for other links on this topic to Geoff Turnbull -
Australian Heritage Database Place Details - The Large Erecting Shop - Eveleigh, Locomotive St, Eveleigh, NSW
These are the details of the Nomination of The Large Erecting Shop on the Australian Heritage Database.
3801 LTD Briefing Paper to Volunteers, 27th October 2006
[This Briefing Paper was produced by 3801 Ltd and given to Volunteers and staff at a special meeting on 27th October 2006. It provides an update on the issues facing 3801 Ltd, its staff and volunteers].
File Friends of Eveleigh Comments on 3801 and Large - 3 November 2006
The Friends of Eveleigh have released the follow statment about recent comments concerning 3801 and the Large. They have also provided a letter from 1981 from the RTM concerning the ownership of 3801. PDF 349 Kb.
Memo on: Future of 3801 - 18 November 2006
The following memo was issued by 3801 Ltd for 3801 Staff and Volunteers on 18th November 2006 following meetings between Vince O'Rourke and representatives of the committee appointed by the Minister of transport and both the Rail Transport Museam and 3801 Ltd.
The following Media Release was issued by RailCorp dated 22 November 2006 concerning the hand over of Locomotive 3801 to the Rail Transport Museam.
This is the text of the Friends of Eveleigh Media Release made about the departure of 3801 from the Large Erecting Shop at Eveleigh on Monday 27th November 2006.
File Friends of Eveleigh - Media Kit
This media kit was distributed by Friends of Eveleigh to the Media in mid November 2006. The media kit contains: background information on the Large Erecting Workshop. It also includes a map of the Eveleigh railway workshops, a copy of the Friends of Eveleigh application letter for the National Heritage Listing of the Large as well as supporting letters from the National Trust NSW, Clover Moore MP, Associate Professor Lucy Taska, Chris Hartcher MP and other material concerning Friends of Eveleigh and the campaign. File is PDF 4.6MB.
[The following media release was issued on Monday Monday 27 November 2006 evening (3801 left Eveleigh at 6.50pm) by Minister for Transport John Watkins. In the preceding days prior to the Minister's media release about the organisations working together, 3801 Ltd's Chairman and General Manager had resigned and four 3801 Ltd staff were retrenched. Can the eggs now be unscrambled and what of the Large which has not been mentioned by the minister - REDWatch]
Letter from Clover Moore to Morris Iemma - 27 November 2006
The following letter was sent by Clover Moore to the Premier concerning the future of the Large Erecting Shop and 3801 following the departure of locomotive 3801 from the Large on 27 November 2006. [On 20 December 2007 the Premier's Office has advised that Ms Moore's letter has been referred to Minister Sartor for reply].
RTM Update on 3801 on 12 December 2006
The following Update on 3801 appeared on the RTM website on 12 December 2006. It covers the movement of 3801 to the Hunter Valley Training Company and the 3801 assessment.
John Watkins Letter on locomotive 3801 December 2006
The following letter was sent by the Minister for transport to those who had written to him concerning the Large and 3801. It mentions that the “Large Erecting Shed at Eveleigh, 3801 Limited's home, remains available to both 3801 Limited and the Powerhouse Museum until 2008”. It does not state what happens to the Large after that.
The following appeared in the National Trust of Australia (NSW) enews of 13th December 2006. The National Trust is calling for the 3801 locomotive to be returned to the Large Erecting Shop at Eveleigh.
Who is Responsible? For the Near Disaster and Possible Damage of the States Most Significant Movable Heritage Item - Locomotive 3801
The following Media Statement was issued by Friends of Eveleigh on December 11 2006 to raise questions about the handling of 3801 following its departure from Eveleigh.
Image Cartoon: Frank $artor memorial museum - where history is made
This Cartoon has been provided to us by Joel. The Cartoon brings together the issues of the CUB site, The Block and 3801 and the Large Erecting Shop.
3801 Ltd to re-commence tours
In an email to those registered for email updates 3801 Ltd announced that they will re-commence tours in January 2007 without 3801. The text of the email is below.
File O'Rourke Committee Report to RailCorp on 3801 and RTM
This is a copy of the O'Rourke Committee Report into the future of 3801 from November 2006 (PDF 96 Kb).
3801 Ltd Update on Tours and the Large Erecting Shop.
In these extracts from 3801 Ltd’s ’01 News Number 1 January 2007, 3801 Ltd set out their tour plans for 2007 without the locomotive 3801. They also advise that they have been given “an extension of the current lease to occupy the Large Erecting Shop until at least 2008” and provide an update on what is happening with locomotives at the Large Erecting Shop.
RailCorp to take Important Heritage Rail Carriages from Large Erecting Shop on 9th January 2007
On January 3rd Railcorp Office of Rail Heritage advised 3801 Ltd that they plan to transfer eight of the heritage rail carriages used by 3801 Ltd to the Rail Transport Museum. The transfer is planned for Tuesday 9th January 2007. The carriages nominated includes carriages which are needed by 3801 Ltd to operate their newly advertised heritage rail trips in January and February 2007 but exclude other Heritage carriages such as the Commissioners Carriage will stay at the Large. Friends of Eveleigh have expressed concerns about the lack of suitable undercover storage for the carriages and the lack of bush fire protection for heritage items at Thirlmere. Below we have reproduced the letter sent by RailCorp to 3801 Ltd concerning the transfer.
Letter from Clover Moore to John Watkins - 12 January 2007
The letter below was sent by the Member for Bligh to the Minister responsible for Rail concerning the treatment and lack of appropriate storage of locomotive 3801 and other heritage carriages removed from the Large Erecting Shop on RailCorp instructions.
In the article below Friends or Eveleigh undertake an analysis of the O’Rourke report, what it says and what it implies about the future of the Large Erecting Shop at Eveleigh. The Friends of Eveleigh conclude that based on the O’Rourke report that Eveleigh is needed as a part of the Heritage Rail infrastructure for NSW.
FOE Supporters Update on latest Large Carriage removals - 25th February 2007
This update was received from Friends of Eveleigh on 25th February 2007.
Maitland Steamfest Victim of 3801 Change of Operator?
Friends of Eveleigh have issued the following statement concerning media reports about financial troubles at Steamfest which result from the change of operator of steam locomotive 3801.
Chippendale residents unhappy with overnight parking of Steam Trains at Mortuary Station
The following information has been supplied by a Chippendale resident from one of the apartment buildings near Mortuary Station.
Eveleigh Railway Complex must be used to Overnight Heritage Trains
The following statement was issued by Friend's of Eveleigh in response to the revelations that Chippendale residents are unhappy with overnight parking of Steam Train at Mortuary Station.
Eveleigh Railway Workshops, Redfern – Places at Risk Nomination from the National Trust NSW 18th April 2007.
The National Trust (NSW) has nominated the Eveleigh Railway Workshops, Redfern for the National Most at Risk Places in 2007. The National Top 10 Our Heritage Most at Risk List will be announced on 1 July 2007. The Details of the Listing for Eveleigh and the link to the listing is provided below.
Frank Sartor Letter Opposing LES Federal Listing - 26 April 2007
The following is the text of a letter sent by NSW Minister for Planning and Redfern Waterloo, Frank Sartor to Malcolm Turnbull Federal Minister for the Environment and Water Resources in response to the request for a NSW response to the National Heritage List nomination for The Large Erecting Shop - Eveleigh.
New Volunteer Activity at Eveleigh’s Large
Volunteers are again buzzing around the Large Erecting Shop (LES) in Eveleigh.
The following update was produced by Friends of Eveleigh on 6th December 2007.
The Large Erecting Shed has been locked and 3801 Ltd's tours ex Eveleigh suspended
The two articles below appeared in the Illawarra Mercury regarding the "Cockatoo Run" operated by 3801 Ltd out of Eveleigh. 3801 Ltd and other operators using the Large Erecting Shed (LES) were locked out at the end of January when they were unable to find an alternative locatioon for thier locomotives and other equipoment.
File Friends of Eveleigh Newsletter - Edition 2 February 2007
This is a scaned copy of the February Friends of Eveleigh Newsletter. PDF 2.2MB.
File Friends of Eveleigh Media Release 11th June 2007 - PDF
This media release from FOE contains photos of 3801 being turned at Eveleigh and coaled at Mortuary Station and asserts that Eveleigh is the best place for turning, watering, coaling and for security of the states valuable rail heritage (685Kb PDF).
File Commissions Set in the Open at Thirlmere - FOE Media Release and Photos
On 30th September 2007 RailCorp authorised the movement from the protection of Eveleigh’s Large Erecting Shop of the Commissioners carriages. These carriages are two of the states most valuable heritage carriages and are listed on the State Heritage Register. A week later with their roof now peeling, the carriages are sitting at Thirlmere in the open. A combination of sitting outdoors in the heat and wind of the last week and a RailCorp decision not to replace the skin in an overhall three years ago has lead to the damage. The Friends of Eveleigh have issued a media release with photos of the peeling carriages and some background on this latest RailCorp Heritage fiasco. File is 102 KB PDF.
File LES - Alive and Active - FOE 30 January 2008
This is an update from Friends of Eveleigh about the ongoing Heritage Rail activities at the Large Erecting Shop in January 2008. PDF 60 KB.
File Friends of Eveleigh Media Release – 17th April 2008
The nomination of the Large Erecting Shop and its contents for National Heritage Listing is still proceeding while the NSW Office of Rail Heritage is looking to disperse the contents. This Media Release from Friends of Eveleigh of 17th April covers the Old Commissioner’s Car repair and non-return to its registered home at the Large, the recent visit from Office of Rail Heritage to record all rolling stock at the Large and the need for support for the National Heritage Listing. This is the PDF 147Kb Version with Photos of the commissioners Car.
File Friends of Eveleigh Remember fallen Railway Workers from the Large
ON ANZAC DAY WE WILL REMEMBER THEM - They left the Large to see the world and to fight a bloody war in support of their country and our allies. Sadly many did not return. On Anzac Day, we will remember the forgotten World War 1 soldiers from the Large Erecting Shop. Workers from the Large have cleaned the surrounds of the little known War Memorial attached to the rear wall of the Heritage Listed Large Erecting Shop. This memorial was included in the National Heritage Listing Nomination and is hidden behind a container. However it still remains where these workers would want it to be, mounted on their beloved workshop. The Attached PDF Media Release contains a list of the names on the honour roll and some photos. File is 158 KB PDF.
File The Great TRAIN ROBBERS still in business
This is statement put out by some furious Eveleigh volunteers following the announcement that one of The Large's landmark carriages re-built by volunteers from a discarded carriage is listed for sale by RailCorp as part of their heritage rolling stock divestment. File is 47 KB PDF and has photos of the carriage.
File National Trust Supports Large Erecting Shop National Listing Re-nomination
This letter from the Trust supports the re-nomination of the Large Erecting Shop for a National Listing. The LES was not given a listing in the last round although the Minister has asked his Department to take up the threat to the site with NSW Officials. This letter also raises the National Trust's concern about the RWA's proposed eviction of the Blacksmiths from the Blacksmith's Shop at the ATP and forshawods that the national TRust will now be seeking urgent action by the Minister to protect the site and retain the operation of the Blacksmith. File is 46Kb PDF.
File Friends of Eveleigh August 2008
Alive and Active is the theme for the latest Friends of Eveleigh Newsletter which covers the re-submission of the lodgment of a new National Heritage Listing for the Large Erecting Shop and news about restoration work on the Garratt 6029 Cab for ARHS (ACT) and the Restoration of the L516 both of which are currently being done by volunteers and workers at the Large.
Image The Carriages that Moved from the Large to Thirlmere
The Carriages that Moved from the Large to Thirlmere The Friends of Eveleigh have provided the following diagram which shows the details of the carriages which were removed from under cover storage in the large to RTM Thirlmere on the instructions of the RailCorp Office of Rail Heritage. Recent reports from visitors to RTM still report that a number of the carriages are not being stored under cover. JPG 244 Kb.
FOE photos on Storage of Heritage Items
These are some photos from Friends of Eveleigh (FOE) showing "Three of the Heritage Carriages removed and now stored at Thirlmere (20th January 2007) out in the open and exposed to the elements". The Photos are accompanied by the following text "This is where The Premier, The Minister for Transport and RailCorp and its Office of Rail Heritage have said that our heritage rail carriages must go. They were warned about the lack of undercover and secure storage and they have all failed to act. Do they really care? And security! On Thursday 19th January the fence was breached and the Southern Aurora set was graffitied. On Sunday 21st January early arrivers saw children climbing all over locomotive 3801 in an area that should have been under OH&S security". The graphic also includes a photo inside the Large with the following comment "This is where The Premier, The Minister for Transport and RailCorp and its Office of Rail Heritage have said that our heritage rail carriages must not be kept - in a secure undercover heritage railway building enclosed with a razor topped fence and security overload. Yes, the Large Erecting Shed at Eveleigh. Again. do these people really care, or are there alternate motives?