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3801 Ltd

3801 Ltd operated the 3801 steam locomotive out of the Large Erecting Shop until its lease ran out in late 2006. In early 2007 some other heritage rolling stock was removed from the Large Erecting Workshop by the Office of rail Heritage and transferred to the RTM at Thirlmere. 3801 Ltd are continuing to operate heritage tours out of the "Large" but in the long term this is in conflict with the RWA plans for this site. Here we have collected some material from 3801 Ltd. including their submission to the RWA on the Draft Built Environment Plan. The 3801 Ltd submission includes as an appendix an Assessment of the Adequacy of the Structure and Electrical Services of the Large.
File 3801 Ltd Submission on the RWA Built Environment Plan
This PDF file contains the 3801 Ltd Submission on the RWA Draft BEP. The Attachment on the Adequecy of the large has been posted as a seperate file. Please note that to maintain a workabe size for the PDF file we have not been able to use colour photos. File is 702 Kb PDF.
File Large Erecting Shed Assessment of Adequacy.
This PDF file contains the Apendix to the 3801 Ltd Submission on the RWA Draft BEP. The Attachment provides an Assessment of Adequacy - Structure and Electrical Services of the "Large". The report is important as it shows that the cost of maintainence necessary on the Large is around $3 million which is considerably less than the $12-15 million currently being quoted by the RWA and Railcorp. PDF file is a large 2.3 MB. Please Note - that while the 'Large' is owned by Railcorp this Assessment was commissioned by 3801 Ltd & paid for by 3801 Ltd. No help was received from RailCorp to produce this report on their property!
File $20 Million Plan to conserve NSW Rail Heritage as collaboration urged over 3801 PDF
This is a PDF of the Rail Heritage anouncement.
What is Happening at Eveleigh and 3801 Ltd - 24 February 2007
Below we have reproduced part of the "'01 NEWS Number 2" which contains an update on what is happening with 3801 and the Large. Details of 3801 Ltd Tours can be found on their website www.3801limited.com.au.
What would Gladys Do?
With 3801 Ltd locked in a battle with Transport for NSW to be able to stay at the Large Erecting Shop (LES) in 2017 under a Berejiklian government, it is interesting to look back at the comments Gladys Berejiklian made in 2006 as then Shadow Transport Minister when 3801 Ltd was locked in a similar battle with the then NSW Labour government. You can see these in the media release below. What is the current equivalent of "A NSW Liberal/Nationals Government would ensure RailCorp renews the existing lease and was prevented from disposing of any of the rolling stock"? Maybe it is time for Gladys to take a personal interest in what is currently happening to 3801 Ltd to ensure they get a renewed lease and can continue to operate out of Eveleigh.
3801 Ltd again under threat in 2017
Eveleigh Heritage rail operator, 3801 Ltd, after two years of difficult dealings with Transport Heritage NSW, was locked out of Eveleigh’s Large Erecting Shop (LES) at the end of January 2017. It can no longer operate its scheduled trips including the Cockatoo Run to the Illawarra and tours which collaborate with the cruise ship industry. Anything that leaves the LES cannot be returned to it.