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Fact Sheet 5 - Heritage Restoration and Adaptive Reuse

This is the text of Fact Sheet 5 released on 30 August 2006 by the RWA.

The Built Environmental Plan seeks to restore/adaptively reuse up to 7.65 hectares of heritage structures on RWA strategic sites, including up to 6.7 hectares of rail heritage.

This approach aims to preserve the heritage and industrial character of certain sites by ensuring new development responds sensitively to significant heritage items, and encouraging adaptive re-use where practical.

Building or Structure

Area (ha)
Locomotive Workshop - ATP 2.65
New Locomotive Workshop - ATP 0.36
Works Managers Office - ATP
Chief Mechanical Engineers Building - North Eveleigh
Large Erecting Shed - South Eveleigh
Blacksmiths Workshops - North Eveleigh
Scientific Services Building - North Eveleigh
Portion of Fan of Tracks - North Eveleigh
Telecommunications Equipment Centre - North Eveleigh 0.03
Paint Shop - North Eveleigh
Carriage Workshop- North Eveleigh
Redfern Railway Station Ticket and Booking Office
 Sub Total
Former Court House building

Elements of former Rachel Foster Hospital – 5 storey surgery

building and part of 2 storey colonnade building


Buildings on the former Redfern Public School site – two buildings

along Phillip and George Streets


Sub Total




You can download the original PDF Fact Sheet 5 (pdf~15kb)