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Fact Sheet 7 - $6 million Bridge between Australian Technology Park and North Eveleigh

This is the text of Fact Sheet 7 released on 30 August 2006 by the RWA.

The RWA and its subsidiary company ATP have jointly committed $6 million towards building a pedestrian and cycle bridge linking North Eveleigh and the Australian Technology Park.

The Government’s vision of facilitating a research and innovation zone stretching from the ATP to the University of Sydney and the University of Technology will be significantly enhanced by the creation of new  connections.

Future commercial investment in the ATP’s growth will also be assisted.

The $6 million bridge is proposed to commence at Traverser 1 in North Eveleigh, near the soon-to-be-completed $40 million Contemporary Performing Arts Centre and cross the railway corridor to the ATP, between the Locomotive Workshop and the Large Erecting Shed at North Eveleigh. Completion is estimated by the end of 2008.

A potential second pedestrian/cycle bridge just west of Redfern Station and also linking North Eveleigh and the ATP is currently being considered as part of the joint RailCorp and RWA concept design study for the Station’s redevelopment.

The existing rail corridor physically disconnects the northern and southern parts of the Redfern-Waterloo operational area and limits access to the ATP, the University of Sydney and other health and educational facilities.

You can download the original PDF Fact Sheet 7 (pdf~13kb)