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Background Statements on RWA BEP

The following statements have been produced by REDWatch relating to the BEP and are contained elsewhere on this site.
Summary of the RWA Draft Built Environment Plan Download

This is a one page summary produced by REDWatch of what the RWA's draft Built Environment Plan proposes for each of the areas for which the RWA has planning control. (PDF 22 KB)

The Redfern Waterloo Plan as seen through the RED Strategy Looking Glass Download 
This paper looks at the plans produced by the RWA that make up the Redfern Waterloo Plan by compaing them to the three RED Strategy documents which reflected community views of what should happen in the area. The documents (which are on the REDWatch website) are the RED Strategy Major Issues, The RED Strategy Core Principles and a report back from the RED consultants on what they said the community wanted. This is a two page article. (PDF 27KB)