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5. Future Key Tasks

[This is the text from the above mentioned section of the RWA Draft Redfern-Waterloo Built Environment Plan (Stage One) February 2006. Links to single page PDF maps and illustrations have been included and details of the file size of the link also added to allow for easy navigation. - REDWatch]

Below is a summary of the key tasks to be completed by RWA and in partnership with stakeholders

Finalise draft Development Control Plan

The Development Control Plan for Redfern-Waterloo strategic sites will be prepared and will compliment the State Environmental Planning Policy. The Development Control Plan will comprise one document and contain general guidelines which will apply to development on all sites, as well as, site specific guidelines and controls for individual sites.

Finalise draft Development Control Plan for the ATP

A draft Development Control Plan (DCP) will be prepared specifically for the ATP and will replace the current Master Plan. The draft DCP will reflect proposed new planning and design controls for the site.

Finalise draft Development Contributions Plan for Public Amenities and Services

A Contributions Plan and associated regulations will be finalised in accordance with the Redfern-Waterloo Authority Act and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act to enable the levying of development contributions toward the provision of public amenities. The Plan will identify the amenities and services for which contributions will be levied.

Finalise draft Affordable Housing Contributions Plan

The draft Affordable Housing Contributions Plan will provide the basis for levying contributions for the provision of affordable housing in Redfern-Waterloo. The draft plan will be supported by an affordable housing program.

Finalise draft Public Domain Improvement Plan

The draft public domain improvement plan will guide the public domain improvements in Redfern-Waterloo and provide an overview of works which will be facilitated over the next 10 years.

Establish Project Coordination Group with RailCorp.

The Project Coordination Group will be responsible for facilitating the upgrade of Redfern Railway Station and associated public domain improvements.

Establish Stakeholder Partnership on Traffic Issues and Transport Management Plan

The RWA will establish a stakeholder partnership with the Roads and Traffic Authority, the City of Sydney and the Redfern Chamber of Commerce to facilitate improvements to local area traffic management.

The RWA will continue working with the RTA on a traffic management strategy to address regional traffic issues and any local traffic issues which arise in relation to future redevelopment on RWA strategic sites. The RWA will also work with the RTA to prepare a Transport Management Plan.