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Redfern Station - Application to replace Platforms 6 & 7 - Closes 11 January 2017

The following notice has appeared on Redfern Station over the holiday break. It appears Sydney Trains propose to undertake work on platforms 6 & 7 while discussions are supposed to be underway this year about the possibility of a station upgrade are under discussions between UrbanGrowth NSW and Transport for NSW.

Heritage Council of NSW – PUBLIC NOTICE


Notice is hereby given, under Section 61 of the Heritage Act 1977 that the Heritage Council of NSW has received an application to undertake the demolition and reconstruction of platform 6 & 7 to the Redfern Railway Station Group located in Redfern. The Station is listed on the State Heritage Register (SHR Listing No 01234) made under the Heritage Act 1977.

Applicant: Robert Jeevarajah, Sydney Trains.

Proposal: Redfern Station Platform 6 & 7 Reconstruction. The project involves the demolition of the existing brick platform 6 & 7 walls, reconstruction of the walls using new steel posts and precast concrete panels, and resurfacing of the platform including tactiles and line work.

The Heritage Council invites written submissions regarding the proposal. Submissions are to be forwarded to the Heritage Council's postal address, to be received by close of business 11 January 2017. Note that if a submission is made by a way of objection, the reasons for objection must be specified in the submission. Unless you state otherwise, copies may also be provided to the applicant or other interested parties in some circumstances.

The application relating to the proposal may be inspected at the Heritage Division, Office of Environment & Heritage, Level 6, 10 Valentine Avenue, Parramatta 2150 between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday

Further enquiries may be made at the Heritage Division, Office of Environment & Heritage, by contacting David Nix, State Heritage Assessment Officer, at or (02) 9873 8500.

Heritage Council of New South Wales

Locked Bag 5020


REDWatch Comment

REDWatch is concerned that the Sydney Trains proposal seems to infer that any decision on addressing the broader issues at Redfern Station is beyond the 2020 timeframe suggested by a referenced 2015 report indicating the platform issue should be dealt with within 5 years. 2020-21 is also the timeframe for population of the Mirvac development at ATP for which capacity issues at Redfern Station should be addressed.

REDWatch notes, from minutes of a meeting between Transport for NSW and the Planning Assessment Commission (see Progress Report on Redfern Station – 23 Nov 2016), that “Investigations into the capacity at Redfern Station are underway but a business case has not yet been prepared. There is therefore currently no commitment or funding to implement any works. It is expected that the results of the station investigations will not become available until mid 2017.” We note that this is consistent with  UrbanGrowth Central to Eveleigh indicating that Redfern Station will be investigated this year.

REDWatch would prefer to see the work on platform 6 & 7 undertaken in the context of the broader assessment of what will happen at Redfern Station to meet its post 2020 movement requirements. We are concerned that such work may be used by Transport for NSW and Sydney Trains to further extend the functionality of the existing platform operation and again see a delay in serious planning for the future of Redfern Station.

Platforms 6 and 7 are recognised in the Heritage report as having high heritage significance but the report argues it is not practical to conserve them in the best possible manner as it is not possible to close the rail line for a significant period.

Clearly a comprehensive heritage assessment of the heritage impact of platforms 6 & 7 and future capacity works is better done together rather than in a piecemeal fashion. The option of this work being undertaken as part of wider works may also change constraints that prevent the current platform 6 & 7 project being undertaken in a manner consistent with its high heritage status. Dealing with the platforms as part of the wider heritage assessment also makes it possible for any impact on other heritage at the station to be factored in to the platform heritage assessment.

REDWatch has been advised that there will be a few days extension for submissions to the cut off mentioned in the notice. We will amend this post with a new date when known. REDWatch has also written to UrbanGrowth, The City of Sydney Council and the National Trust NSW to ensure they are aware of both our heritage and broader Redfern Station delay concerns.