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Kristina Keneally Supports Lift Redfern

Recently I met with representatives of the "Lift Redfern Campaign" regarding Redfern Railway Station needing urgent disability access writes Kristina Keneally in her Advertisement in the April 2012 edition of The South Sydney Herald.

On Monday 19th March "Lift Redfern" rolled out a month long signature collection campaign with the launch of their first social media campaign entitled “Platforms and Carriages Week”.

This social media campaign encourages people to download and print a petition to collect signatures particularly on platforms and in carriages as they travel the rail network during the course of their day.

You can download a copy of the petition at www.liftredfernstation. or visit my office at Shop 117/747 Botany Road, Rosebery to support this local initiative.

Redfern Station is a major key station on the rail network as all lines, bar the airport line, run through it. With 12 platforms, Redfern Station is second to Central Station for inter-change possibilities. Since 2006 entrances and exits at Redfern Station have increased from 31,000 to over 42,000 in 2011 – from tenth busiest station in the network to sixth. Growth is expected to increase. Redfern Station services major educational facilities including a leading global university, significant national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander institutions, and, with the creation of CarriageWorks, a major new cultural hub for the City and the Inner West. People with disabilities, older people, parents with young children, pregnant women, people with short term mobility issues through illness or injury, and people with luggage or shopping have great difficulty in accessing or cannot access the Station as there are no lifts to any platform.

I will be presenting the final petition in Parliament for debate. I urge everyone to get behind the "Lift Redfern" campaign and sign the petition supporting the upgrade of Redfern Railway Station.

I would also like to mention my annual NSW Housing Forums; each forum is attended by me, staff members from my office, Police and Housing NSW employees. The forums are a place where you can find out the latest information about what is happening in your area and voice any concerns or ideas you have for where you live.

The dates for 2012 are:


Our Place Community Centre, Poets Corner, 45 Moorehead Street

2-4pm Friday 30 March

2-4pm Friday 7 September


The Factory, 67 Raglan Street

2-3.30pm Friday 11 May

2-3.30pm Friday 19 October


Kind Regards Kristina Keneally, MP

Kristina Keneally MP

Member for Heffron

Phone: 9699 8166


Mail: Shop 117/747 Botany Road, Rosebery NSW 2018

Source: The South Sydney Herald April 2012 –