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Lift Redfern – Where to Next - Some Ideas

Lift Redfern will meet on Wednesday 30th January 2013 at the factory Community Centre to explore options for the Lift Redfern Station Campaign for 2013. This is a supporters meeting and everyone ewith their ideas are welcome. Below is an overview of some possibilities prepared by REDWatch for the meeting to get people thinking about where the campaign might go.

Lift Redfern – Where to Next - Some Ideas

Now that the Parliamentary Debate (Lift Redfern Petition Debate Transcript) has come and gone and the first phase of the campaign has the issue on the agenda, Lift Redfern needs to think about the next steps.

Since the Parliamentary debate the Long Term Transport Master Plan was released. You can see a summary of references in it at Redfern & NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan. In short it recognises an upgrade at Redfern is needed but sees it as a medium term priority. Clearly more pressure is needed.

Sydney Alliance, has been working on a transport campaign looking at key interchange stations including Redfern. This has included a lighting audit which they are working with Council on. They will attend the next Lift Redfern meeting and talk about their work and how it might relate to the Lift Redfern Campaign.

Below are some ideas to spark people’s thinking for where the Campaign might go when we next meet.

Next Campaign Objectives

  1. Lift Redfern was established to get lifts installed on all platforms at Redfern Station and hence needs to campaign for a timeframe for the Access Upgrade of Redfern Station and Lifts on all Platforms.
  2. Recognising the possibilities for an early upgrade on Platforms 11 & 12 Lift Redfern campaigns for lifts to be installed immediately on the underground station at Redfern under the Transport Access Programme.

Phase #2 Actions

  • a) On Line Petition / email / letters calling on the Minister for action on objectives 1 & 2
  • b) Letters to Liberal MP’s from their local constituents especially in marginal electorates saying I live in your electorate and I travel to Redfern and Redfern Station needs lifts! Maybe work with Sydney Alliance.
  • c) Explore Legal Leverage Option from NSW not meeting 55% by end of 2012 (underway)
  • d) Post Card campaign
  • e) Delegations to Minister from different Groups.


  • Set up on-line petition which asks people to electronically sign petition and to also consider taking actions b) & c) – link to b) could be provided.
  • Is there a strategy for involvement by non-internet using residents?
  • What other ideas are there for getting a wider range of groups/people involved eg
    • a kids drawing Lift Redfern competition with a prize from a local business

Promotion of link to petition

  • Social media
  • Media release on Phase 2 of the Campaign
  • Leaflets to rail commuters with report on parliamentary debate and details of Phase 2 Actions


We need to come up with Spokespeople for the next phase including Access Challenged People who are prepared to talk to the media.

We also need to see what organisations are prepared to participate in this Phase and revisit the Co-ord Group & Wider Organisers Group.

If anyone has any other suggestions please send them around the list and then we can decide what to do when we meet.

Suggestions prepared by REDWatch Co-ord Group for Lift Redfern