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Do your submission Now: Waterloo South Submissions close Friday 29 at midnight!

A request for an extension by Council to extend the exhibition has been rejected by the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) Planning Proposal Authority (PPA).The deadline for submissions remains midnight Friday 29th April 2022.

If you have not yet made a submission please do so. This is a very important redevelopment impacting the existing public housing community in Waterloo as well as a proposal which will form the future shape of social housing in this part of the inner city. Submissions do not need to be long and complex documents, they can be just one point or observation typed into the planning portal submissions gateway. The important thing is to say what you thing as either an individual or as an organisation.

It is important to understand that this proposal does not meet the NSW Governments Future Directions policy of delivering 30% social housing from such redevelopments. The current proposal only delivers 26.5% of the residential floor space as social housing. Even on a dwellings comparison it only delivers 28.2%.

It is also important to understand that the exhibition material understates the size of the redevelopment. Against the advice of the Independent Advisory Group, the proposal is 10% larger than the City of Sydney proposal. This is because the compulsory design excellence process is in addition to the dwelling figures. Depending on the makeup, using Council figures the proposal will deliver between 3,300 and 3,400 dwellings on LAHC owned land rather than the 3012 used during the exhibition.

Importantly how the 10% increase impacts the exhibited proposal has not been assessed. Important areas like sunlight access to parks, streets and courtyards have not even been assessed in the exhibited proposal which rearranges parts of the earlier Council proposal.

There is no Social Impact Assessment as part of the proposal and the impact of the proposal on existing and future social housing communities has not been assessed or mitigation for any issues proposed as should happen in a planning proposal under the department’s guidelines.

You can see the REDWatch Waterloo South suggested submission points on our website. You will also find a copy of Counterpoints draft submission and an excellent submission from Alison Ziller on the need for the PPA to undertake an independent Social Impact Assessment along with other materials dealing with a range of issues.

To make an online submission please complete the form and/or upload submission at There has been a report of one person not being able to upload their submission. If you run into this problem the email directions and the questions you need to ask are on the REDWatch website at Make a Waterloo South Submission by 29 April 2022

Source: REDWatch email 28 April 2022.