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Wrought Artworks Reaches Agreement to stay at the Locomotive Workshop Building in Redfern

This is the media release from Minister Sartor of 22 August 2008 announcing that the agreement has been reached between the RWA and Wrought Artworks to continue at the ATP.

The Redfern Waterloo Authority has reached agreement with Wrought Artworks for it to continue its blacksmithing business at the Locomotive Workshop Building at the Australian Technology Park in Redfern, Minister for Redfern Waterloo, Frank Sartor announced today.
“We’ve always been committed to the continuation of this type of use of this heritage site but it is important for the site’s protection and all concerned that commercial operations such as those of Wrought Artworks are undertaken on a proper basis,” Mr Sartor said.
“I’m pleased the RWA has reached agreement with the company which now has a formal document outlining its financial and upkeep responsibilities.
“It is now up to Wrought Artworks to finalise a license agreement with the Australian Technology Park which is expected in the next few weeks.”
Along with a proposed license fee, the Heads of Agreement outlines a number of responsibilities for the company including:

  • Maintaining the heritage equipment owned by the Australian Technology Park in good working order;
  • regular independent heritage consultant inspections to ensure the equipment and site is being appropriately maintained;
  • co-operating with reasonable marketing requirements of the ATP such as rail heritage tours; and
  • taking out public liability insurance.

“As a long term occupant of the Locomotive Workshop Building I’m pleased that Wrought Artworks has come to the table and that a compromise has been reached.”

Source: Minister Frank Sartor Media Release 22 August 2008.

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