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Wrought Artworks Statement on Lease with RWA/ATP

With the strong active support from heritage bodies,community, former workers, unions, councilors, and local aboriginals along with the "Keep the Tradition" media- campaign, which culminated in a very successful Openday at the Eveleigh Locomotive Workshop Blacksmithing Bays, Wrought Artworks were offered a license agreement from RWA.
The license period is for 12 years and an acceptable rental has been agreed on, halved for the first 4 years with a 'contribution in kind' component, which could encompass projects conserving other Heritage Relics on the site.

The yearly rental increases along with a capped increase every 4 years could compromise the viability and perpetuity of the operating Heritage Workshop in the long term, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. The issue that lead to the eviction - the floor problem has been resolved with the ATP agreeing to not only give approval for the floor to be repaired, but are now also prepared to undertake the works themselves.

The focus it has bought to this important historical Railway site has been a positive one. The requirement, in  the Development Consent Conditions for the ATP, of an operating heritage workshop has now been recognized by the Government.

Wrought Artworks continued tenure and custodianship of the blacksmithing bays is secured.

Long over due, the State Authority must also recognize the guidelines of the  Regional Environment Plan and Conservation Management Plan for the other heritage machinery.

Which in accordance to the Plans statement -a 'comprehensive package' for the machinery was to be prepared ..."in ways that protect its cultural significance, continue its useful life and contribute to the activities of Eveleigh as both an engineering and educational resource".
The apprentices and tradespeople of Wrought Artworks wish to thank you for your support and help with the campaign.

Also See Ministers Statement Wrought Artworks Reaches Agreement to stay at the Locomotive Workshop Building in Redfern