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Frasers Broadway Amended Concept Plan

On 8 April 2008, Frasers Property held a briefing for Planning Minister Frank Sartor and the Media to announce that they were applying to the Department of Planning to Amend the 'old Kent Brewery' site on Broadway to provide "World-class architecture, innovative sustainability initiatives and a new inner-city square for Sydney". This section covers that announcement and subsequent material on the Amended Concept Plan.
Frasers Property's vision for 6 green star urban quarter on Broadway
This in the Media Release and Background Media Briefs from the Frasers Media Conference to announce the Amended Concept plan Application on 8th April 2008.
Community Groups letter to Minister over revised Concept Plan - 20 April 2008
The Coalition Chippendale Community Groups has written to Minister Sartor expressing their concerns about the increase in floor space Frasers have anounced for their revised concept Plan for the former Broadway CUB site. Below is a copy of the letter sent by the Chippendale Groups.
Frasers Broadway Community Information Session – Wednesday 9 July, 2008 5pm
Frasers have arranged a Community Information Session for Wednesday 9 July 2008 from 5pm to 8pm at the Fosters Brewery Office, Broadway. As requested by community representatives Frasers advise there will extensive opportunities to discuss the modified plans with the project team at an initial informal display session.
CUB Site Meeting 9th July 2008 – Coalition Chippendale Community Groups Comments
The Coalition Chippendale Community Groups has circulated the following background for the Fraser’s Exhibition and Briefing on their new Concept Plan for the site this Wednesday 9th July. While the Plans will be on display from 5pm there will be a briefing on the plans starting at 6.30pm. The Exhibition and Presentation is being held on site at the former brewery with entry from the main Gate on Broadway near the clare hotel. The text of the CCCG’s Chippendale News follows:
Frasers Broadway Modified Concept Plan - Fact sheet - 6th July 2008
This Fact Sheet was handed out at the Fraser’s Information evening on 9th July 2008. In the Update below Frasers Property have summarised the changes in the Concept Plan. What is not particularly clear is that the revised concept plan proposed by Frasers seeks to increase the floor space allowed on the site by about 9% on that already approved for the site. Please note this text is produced by Optical Character Recognition and may contain errors. As the exhibition documents are still being finalised between the Department of Planning and Frasers and it will be another couple of weeks before the final documents are available on the Frasers Broadway web site, this summary is being provided for those who were unable to attend the Frasers information evening.
Space-age development plan sends some locals into orbit
GEORGE JETSON would approve but a developer's vision for futuristic apartment blocks on the Carlton United Brewery site in Broadway has drawn a mixed response from residents reports Sunanda Creagh Urban Affairs Reporter in the Sydney Morning Herald of July 11, 2008.
Major Project Concept Plan Modification - Former CUB Site, Broadway (MP 06_0171 MOD)
A Major Project Application has been lodged with the Department of Planning for the Modification of the Major Project Concept Plan for the Former CUB Site Broadway. The details of the Department of Planning listing is given below.
Coalition Chippendale Community Groups Initial Response to Frasers Concept Plan
This is a copy of Chippendale News of 6th August 2008 from the Coalition Chippendale Community Groups. This issue primarily deals with The Fraser's Modified Concept Plan for the Former CUB Broadway site (on Exhibitions). It also includes information on: Balfour Street Park - Meeting 6pm - Thur 7 Aug / Urban Design Study - Changes to planning controls / Plans for Eveleigh / Chippendale “Peepshow”.
Image Fraser's Broadway Concept Plan from Wattle and Broadway
This is a montage from the Fraser's Modified Concept Plan of the Building on the corner of Abercrombie and Broadway from Wattle Street.
Image Residents Montage from Wattle Street - Before
This is a resident's photo the corner of Abercrombie Street and Broadway from Wattle Street. I has been used as the basis for a montage to show a before and after comparison of the corner.
Image Resident's Montage from Wattle Street - After
This is a resident's photo montage of the corner of Abercrombie Street and Broadway from Wattle Street based on the Frasers Modified Concept Plan.
Image Fraser's Broadway Modified Concept Plan from Sydney University Fisher Library
This is a photo montage from Frasers of the Broadway Modified concept from Fisher Library at Sydney University.
A manicured elephant? Plans for CUB site revealed
Australian musician Chris Gillespie sings a song about an M2 Cockatoo who’s disgusted to find his peaceful bushland home turned into a motorway. Walking home from the latest community information session at the old Carlton United Brewery site on Wednesday July 9, I couldn’t help humming the disgruntled cockatoo’s ballad. The Fraser Company’s proposed development won’t uproot any people or wildlife from their home, but the bird’s sensation of irrelevance in the face of progress is the same writes Benjamin Ball in the South Sydney Herald of August 2008.
Brewery site plan is heritage threat: locals
THE character and culture of inner-city Chippendale is under threat, say residents, from a proposal by the developer of a giant urban renewal project at Broadway to increase the amount of floor space on the site by 10 per cent writes Wendy Frew Urban Affairs Editor in the Sydney Morning Herald of August 8, 2008.
Community Groups Urge You to Comment on the Plans for Former CUB Site
This is a copy of Chippendale News of 17th August 2008 from the Coalition Chippendale Community Groups. This issue deals with The Fraser's Modified Concept Plan for the Former CUB Broadway site (on Exhibitions)
Chippendale residents eager to ditch ‘least leafy suburb’ tag
When it comes to public parks, Lindsay Charles reckons Chippendale would get the wooden spoon reports Patrick Billings in City news on 17th August 2008.
Combined Chippendale Community Groups Update - 1st September 2008
Last Thursday community representatives met with Frank Sartor, the Minister for Planning about the proposed changes to the Concept Plan.
Combined Chippendale Community Groups Update - 25th September 2008
This is the text of the Coalition Chippendale Community Groups Chippendale News of 25th September 2008.
1,200 Construction Jobs in Bigger, Greener Development for Carlton United Breweries
Premier Nathan Rees has announced changes to plans for the Carlton United Breweries site in Chippendale, which will deliver more open space for the local community and extra affordable housing reports this media release from the NSW Premier on 19 February 2009.
Premier announces approval of concept plan for Frasers Broadway site
Sydney – 19 February 2009 – Frasers Property today welcomed the New South Wales Government’s decision to approve the modified concept plan for the Frasers Broadway site (the old Carlton United Brewery) in Chippendale. This approval, from Planning Minister The Hon. Kristina Keneally, announced today by Premier The Hon. Nathan Rees, gives the green light to opening up this 5.8 hectare site in inner Sydney, closed to the public for 150 years reports this statement from Frasers on 19 February 2009.
Former CUB site gets development tick
THE New South Wales Government has given the green light to the $1.3 billion redevelopment of Sydney's old Kent Brewery site which has the potential to create 6700 jobs reports AAP on 19 February 2009 in the Australian.
Broadway’s blockbuster : Carlton United site green light
Final approval has been given for the Broadway Carlton United Breweries site project, five years after it was first slated for redevelopment reports Robert Burton Bradley in Central of 25 February 2008..
File CCCG News Update - 1 March 2009
This is the 1 March 2009 News Update from the Coalition Chippendale Community Groups. This Issue is in PDF format as it includes pictures from DAs. In adition to an editorial it icludes updates on : 1. Former CUB Site (Frasers Broadway) 2. Notre Dame University misleads local community over future plans - another DA is now on exhibition for 480 students 3. DA for a new College for o/s students - operating in Chippen Street till 10:30pm 4. DA – Uniworld College - plans for 800 overseas high school students 5. DA – Student Accommodation - Regent Street 6. UTS – Masterplan to 2010 - major redevelopment plans on Broadway 7. Traffic works and public domain improvements – Buckland, Meagher and Myrtle 8 Balfour Street North Park 9. Councils Green Network. What about Chippendale? 10. Footpath Maintenance Works – Balfour and Bartley Streets 11. Changes to local planning controls 12. To be part of their Committee - contact communityworkingparty@yahoo.com.au. File is 671Kb PDF.
Planning outcries fall deaf on property giant’s ears
Chippendale residents yelled at, and argued with, developers of the former Carlton United Brewery site at a community meeting last Wednesday, but Frasers Property maintain it was a success reports Alexandra Beech in City news on 12 March 2009.
It's off: Carlton brewery site goes flat
THE developer behind the massive former Carlton and United Brewery project at Broadway has called an indefinite halt to construction and says the project will not start until the global economy recovers reports Matthew Moore in the Sydney Morning Herald of 17 April 2009.
RWA - Frasers Modified Affordable Housing Agreement
The Agreement between the RWA and Frasers on Affordable Housing on 28 November 2008 provides for payment in 5 installments starting in June 2009. Each of the first four installments are for $6m with an adjusting installment dependendt of the final FSR. Interest is charged on any late payment at 2% above the Bank Bill Rate. The link to the agreement is below:
Frasers Property affirms commitment to CUB site on Broadway [including RWA Contributions]
In response to reports appearing in today’s (17 April 2009) media in respect of the Frasers Broadway development (the old Carton United Brewery site), Frasers Property makes the following clarifications in its media release of 17 April 2009.
No Date Set for Works
THE global downturn has hit the massive Frasers development site in Chippendale with the company's owner stating there is no firm start date for construction to begin reports Kim Shaw in Central of 22 April 2009.
Broadway development on track – conditionally
Frasers Property, developer of the old Kent Brewery site on Broadway, has rejected reports in The Sydney Morning Herald that the project has been “put on hold” and says it will continue to meet contractual obligations, including the staged payment of $32 million to the Redfern Waterloo Authority (RWA) reports Michael Gormly in City News of 23 April 2009.
CUB Site Community Event - 31 March 2012 Apr 01, 2012 from 03:00 AM to 06:00 AM Central Park Display Pavillion 80 Broadway, Chippendale,
Drop in to Central Park to meet senior members of the Central Park project team and consultants and get an update on the development’s progress and plans. Have your questions answered on traffic management, construction, planning approvals, the park and the future retail centre. Climb the temporary viewing platform for an elevated view across the site.
Planning changes to Central Park
CHIPPENDALE: The Central Park development opposite the University of Technology, Sydney, looks set for further changes. Developers have applied to make a third modification to the approved concept plan by converting commercial space into student accommodation, reports Libby Hogan in the December 2013 South Sydney Herald.