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Aboriginal Housing Company Concept Plans

The AHC are the major landowner in the Eveleigh Street area and they have their own plans for what they would like to do on the Block. This involves not just housing but a range of commercial and cultural facilities and a civic space called Red Square. Details on some of these plans can be found here.
File AHC Press Release 30 May 2005
AHC Press Release regarding the State Significant sites map
More Than Aboriginal Housing
While the AHC and the RWA go backwards and forwards over what might happen with housing on the Block, the AHC’s vision is about more than housing. This vision was set out in the Architecture Bulletin 3.05 in May / June 2005 and we have taken an extract below from this article to look at the non hopusing aspects including Red Square.
Speech by Michael Mundine Snr. To NSW Parliament House Reconciliation Forum 20th September 2006
The following speech was delivered by Michael mundine Snr to members of parliament and others attending the Reconciliation Forum held in the NSW Pasrliament Theatrette on 20th September 2006. This forum was organised by ReconciliACTION and focused on aboriginal housing issues in Dubbo and Redfern.
Michael Mundine sent the following to all NSW Members of Parliament on 5th October 2006 to advise them that the AHC had lodged a Major Project Application with the Department of Planning in March 2006 despite Minister Sartor's evidence to a Buget Estimates hearing on 8th September 2006 indicating that no application had been lodged.
File Pemulwuy Project - November 2006
This is a copy of the Pemulwuy Project Plan that was presented to Minister Sartor by the AHC Project team in November 2006. This Plan reflects the changes made following the establishment of new planning controls for the Eveleigh Street Precinct by the RWA and the Department of Planning. File is PDF 1.1 MB.
Major Project Application - Pemulwuy Project (MP 06_0101)
A Major Project Application has been lodged with the Department of Planning by the Aboriginal Housing Company for a mixed use development on the Block and surrounding land. The details of the Department of Planning listing is given below.
Pemulwuy Project On Exhibition until 24 October 2008
The AHC’s Pemulwuy Project has finally been put on exhibition by the Department of Planning. The Details of the project can be found on the listing below …
Pemulwuy housing project in Redfern nears approval
The Aboriginal Housing Company’s Pemulwuy development plans for the Block at Redfern are nearing final approval from the NSW Planning Minister Kristina Keneally and the Department of Planning reports Robert Burton-Bradley in Central on 22 April 2009.
RWA, AHC and the Block in Overcoming Indigenous disadvantage
There are many references to Redfern in the Standing Committee on Social Issues Overcoming Indigenous disadvantage in New South Wales Interim Report June 2008. Here we have extracted two sections about the RWA and Aboriginal Housing Company that deal with one of the ongoing issues in Redfern – Aboriginal Housing on the Block. The Committee has called for reconsideration of the proposed fee $60,000 lodgement fee for the Pemulwuy Project Concept plan.