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Redfern North Eveleigh Place Design Forum - 26-27 August 2020

2020 Planning for Redfern North Eveleigh will kick off with a Place Design Forum - 26-27 August 2020 that REDWatch has been asked to attend akong with other community. business, education and government stakeholders. REDWatch has been involved in discussions about the redevelopment of North Eveleigh since 2004. You can find the history of this precinct up a level on this website. Below is the initial information about the Place Design Forum.

Dear Redfern North Eveleigh stakeholder,

In 2019, the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) launched a new approach to precinct planning which centres the planning system around people, places, public spaces and the environment. While the planning process for the Redfern North Eveleigh precinct will be led by the NSW Government due to its strategic importance, a key element of the new approach is close collaboration with the local community, local council and other stakeholders.

That is why DPIE, in collaboration with Transport for NSW (TfNSW), is inviting you to a two-day Place Design Forum for the Redfern North Eveleigh precinct on 26-27 August 2020.

About Redfern North Eveleigh

The NSW Government owns around 10 hectares of land along the rail line south of Redfern Station in the suburb of Eveleigh.

Figure 1. Redfern North Eveleigh Precinct

Redfern North Eveleigh forms a large part of the ‘Redfern-Waterloo Authority Sites’ State Significant Precinct, under State Environmental Planning Policy State Significant Precincts 2005. The area is also within the NSW Government’s 2016 Central to Eveleigh Urban Transformation Strategy and the Tech Central Precinct. Future planning for Redfern North Eveleigh will consider the precinct’s role within the wider area, building on the previous planning and consultation that has been undertaken over the past decade and coordinating with work already underway for the Camperdown Ultimo Collaboration Area.

Place Design Forum Process

The Place Design Forum will provide an opportunity for a diverse range of government, education, industry and community stakeholders to come together to discuss issues and ideas unique to the precinct which will inform further strategic planning. Due to COVID-19, the Place Design Forum will be undertaken as a series of online collaborative sessions, facilitated by place design consultancy Roberts Day.

Day 1 will introduce the project and the site, consider the elements that shape great places and explore how Redfern North Eveleigh will evolve into the future. Day 2 will involve a series of invited technical sessions focusing on place character, culture, identity and design. Day 1 is intended for senior executives and subject matter experts and Day 2 is focused more towards subject matter experts; however executive participants are also encouraged to attend the Day 2 sessions subject to their availability.

Within several days of the Place Design Forum we will hold a Summary Session to provide an overview that synthesises what was discussed to ensure that we have accurately captured the input from all participants. This session will be open for all participants to attend.

A participant briefing pack including a full program will be distributed prior to the Place Design Forum detailing planned sessions to allow you to plan your attendance and that of any relevant subject experts in your team.

Following the Place Design Forum, strategic planning work will continue as the project progresses into more detailed phases. Further feedback will be sought at appropriate stages during this process.

For now, we would be grateful if you could indicate your interest, or an alternative, in taking part in the Place Design Forum on 26th and 27th of August 2020 by responding by email to If you have any questions about the Place Design Forum process, please contact David McNamara.

You can see the details of the program in the Redfern North Eveleigh Place Design Forum Info Pack for 26-27 August 2020.