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Paint Shop Precinct – what the LEP maps tell us

When looking at a planning proposal like North Eveleigh, it is useful to start at the proposed planning controls. This is the place the developer starts in working out what they can do within the rules or where bending them might be possible and hence what they might pay for the site. Below REDWatch has extracted the four maps proposed for the Sydney Local Environment Plan (LEP) and provided some comments.

The Proposed Floor Space Ratio (FSR) Map

This is an interesting map because it allocates 2.78 times the area across the entire site rather than to the proposed buildings. So the roads, walkways and public spaces all have the allocated FSR. The proposal uses a lower level planning document the design guide to say where that floor space should go rather than allocate it building by building. This provides great flexibility for the developer, lack of certainty for the community and probably a higher price for the Transit Asset Management Entity (TAME) selling the site.

The Paint Shop Precinct Proposed Floor Space Ratio (FSR) Map


The Proposed Land Use Map

Probably because of the decision to place FSR across the entire site the whole of the site is zoned as mixed use. As a consequence the 20+% of the site that are public areas are not protected as recreational zones, which makes it possible to change controls later without having to ask for a land use change. REDWatch is of the view that all public space should be protected by appropriate zoning.

The Paint Shop Precinct Proposed Land Use Map


The Proposed Height of Buildings Map

This is the map that defines the possible building envelopes and the area within which the maximum heights might be used. The reference scheme used in the graphics is just one of many possible options possible under the controls. The developers can move that height anywhere within the height controls. How much floor space is in the building, ie if it is thin or fat, is constrained only by the guide rather than an allocation in the LEP.

Note that the 3 meter height proposed for public areas is said to facilitate any public facilities but it is REDWatch's understanding these are permissible anyway under a recreational zoning.

The Proposed Paint Shop Precinct Height of Buildings Map


The Proposed Heritage Map

This is the same as the existing map. When compared to the height map it shows that all heritage buildings except the Paint Shop are to stay at existing heights and are protected. The proposal for the paint shop shows that an up to 63.6 m building can be placed anywhere above the paint shop, how much of the paint shop is covered by a building and how much floor space can go there is again defined only by the guide and a future design excellence process that could change the guide. It is important to note that some visuals on display, such as parts of the aerial fly through do not show the proposed building above the paint shop.


The Proposed Paint Shop Precinct Heritage Map


All Maps are found in the Explanation of Intended Effect Paint Shop Sub Precinct - Explanation of Intended Effect