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North Eveleigh Community Forum - SLA Questions and points for discussion

The Questions and Points below were produced by Save Leamington Avenue Inc and provided to the SMDA for the Community Forum held on 21 May 2012.

North Eveleigh Site Community Forum 21.5.12 Questions and points for discussion

1. City Relief Line and other Railcorp issues


We need
  • confirmation of where the City Relief Line (CRL) will be located on the site and the timetable for construction;
  • written confirmation from TNSW and the SMDA that the CRL will not require the acquisition and demolition of homes in the Pines Estate or otherwise impact on those properties;
  • confirmation that the CRL will not adversely impact on the historic Carriageworks site (see attached ‘Future Railcorp Infrastructure’ plan prepared by Batesmart in 2008 and which forms part of the approved concept plan, which shows an ‘exclusion zone’ extending along the southern end of the site adjacent to the railway line – the exclusion zone cuts across the Carriageworks building); and   
  • confirmation there are no other rail proposals in or around the North Eveleigh site that are going to impact on residents.  

 2. Road/bike/pedestrian network

  • where will the proposed Railcorp access roads be located?
  • what is the proposed road network for the site as a whole?
  • what is the purpose of the ‘stub road’ referred to on page 7 the REF and as shown on the ‘General Arrangement Plan’ in the Engineering and Landscape plans?
  • have alternate Railcorp access routes been considered (so that the open space at the western end of the site could extend to the site boundary to provide one continuous, uninterrupted area of open space?)    
  • what is the proposed pedestrian network for the site as a whole (including foot bridge)?
  • is the only pedestrian access point in Ivery’s Lane from the proposed staircase shown in the REF plans? Or will there be other access points lower down Ivery’s Lane? 
  • what is the proposed bike route through the site and how does it link up with existing bike routes?

 3. Traffic and Access issues  

  •  Have all alternate Wilson Street access points been thoroughly investigated (e.g. Forbes, Golden Grove, Codrington Streets)?
  • The REF does not make clear how traffic leaving and entering the site (both during construction and thereafter) will be effectively managed.  In particular, how will increased traffic will access King Street and City Road? 
  • Queen Street is an already overly congested one–way street and any further traffic through this route to King Street will result in complete congestion. 
  • If the proposed Wilson Street access point is to be retained, a traffic management plan should be prepared, including identifying changes which may need to be made to surrounding streets to accommodate the increased traffic (e.g. changing the direction of one way streets, opening up further access points to King Street and City Road, possible inclusion of traffic lights on Wilson Street, etc).      
  • Is the access road going to be one way or two way? The REF indicates at pages 6&7 that the proposed two way road is only an ‘interim’ measure – what does this mean?
  • If it is ultimately only going to be one way, surely you would design it differently at this point?
  • If this road is ultimately to be one way, which way will traffic flow (i.e. in or out of Wilson)?
  • The REF indicates (at section 3.1, page 6) that an additional exit road will be provided ‘adjacent to the railway line’ and (at page7) that a ‘loop road’ to the south is to be built. Where exactly will this exit road be located and where will it exit to?
  • How is it possible to accommodate an exit road adjacent to the railway line and still accommodate the CRL and dive tunnel?  
  • The ‘Future Railcorp Infrastructure’ plan prepared Batesmart in 2008 (attached) and which formed part of the approved concept plan, shows an ‘exclusion zone’ running along the southern side of the site adjacent to the rail line. How could an access road be accommodated in this area if the ‘exclusion zone‘ (presumably for the CRL?) is still to apply?      
  • When will this additional road be constructed, if ever?
  • What is the extent of the car parking to be provided on the western end of the site?  Does it include public parking?  If so, what parking restrictions will apply?
4. Construction issues
  • When will construction start and how long is construction planned to take?
  • What will the hours of construction be? The REF indicates 7am-7pm (Mon to Fri) and 7am to 5pm (Sat). The REF states that these hours are consistent with the City of Sydney’s standard hours.  However, CoS’s permissible construction hours are 7.30-5.30 (Mon-Fri) and 7.30 to 3.30pm (Sat). 
  • How will dust and silt control be managed?
  • How will noise impacts be mitigated?
  • By what means will residents be able to make complaints about constructions issues? Will there be a dedicated contact person at SMDA?
  • Will the site remain accessible during construction (including access to the NE markets)?
  • What will be the rate of truck movements in and out of Wilson Street during construction?
  • Will Wilson Street be kept clean during construction? This is a safety issue for bike users, given Wilson Street is a major bike route.
5. Open space and landscaping



  • have alternate routes for the Railcorp access road been considered so that the open space at the western end of the site could extend to the site boundary?
  • Will the site boundary (with Ivery’s Lane) be permanently fenced or left open?
  • What is the proposed landscape treatment on the boundary (this has security implications for pedestrians/properties in Ivery’s Lane). The REF notes at page 7 that this area will be planted with large scrubs - is this the only option?
  • Will there be street lighting along Ivery’s Lane?
6. Stormwater drainage
  • stormwater drainage in Holdsworth and Lower Leamington has been a big problem (with substantial works recently undertaken to  try and address this issue).
  • How will stormwater drainage for the western end of the North Eveleigh site work? Is it part of the same catchment for Holdsworth/Leamington? Will it have adverse impacts on Holdsworth/Leamington?
  • The REF indicates on page 8 that the sewer and stormwater connections in Ivery’s Lane will require a new line to be installed on the same alignment as the existing sewer – does this mean that Ivery’s Lane will need to be dug up and otherwise not accessible to residents in Holdsworth Street with rear lane parking?  

 7. Remediation

  •  what is the nature of the contaminated material on site and where is it located?
  • Is there asbestos on site?
  • How is the site proposed to be remediated? Will the area be safe during the remediation process or will the site need to be cordoned off?
  • Will the contaminated fill be disposed of on-site or transported off-site? If the latter, where will it be going? 

8. Affordable Housing

  • how many units of accommodation will be provided? What is the unit mix? Will the housing be for singles or families?
  • In which buildings will the Affordable Housing be located?  How will the other buildings on the Western end of the site be used?
  • What’s the timetable for construction of the affordable housing units? Is this contingent upon the receipt of future developer contributions?
  • What is the eligibility criteria for housing? Will people be required to have a local connection to the area?
  • Will the housing be short term or long term?
  • Will there be an on-site management presence and support for tenants?
  • How will the housing provider deal with neighbour complaints?  
  • Will parking be provided? If so, is it at the same rate as parking for the remainder of the residential dwellings on the site?
  • What is the criteria for selecting the community housing provider?
  • Is this the only affordable housing to be provided in the Redfern-Waterloo area?

 9. Ongoing Consultation

  •  What is the current membership of the North Eveleigh Stakeholders’ Group (NESG) and what is its purpose?
  • How regularly does the SMDA meet with the NESG?
  • What other consultation mechanisms will SMDA utilize to ensure the whole community is kept informed about developments on the NE Site?
  • Will there be a dedicated SMDA officer for people to communicate with?
  • At what stages in the process will formal consultations be held?