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SMDA To Start North Eveleigh Affordable Housing Project

The SMDA have posted their response to community submissions and anounced they will start work on the infrastructure required for the North Eveleigh Affordable Housing project. The announcement issued an email statement and placed details on their website on 13 November 2012. The details from their website are below:


Affordable Housing Infrastructure - Work set to start at Eveleigh

The Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority (SMDA) manages the development of the western end of the North Eveleigh site and the rail heritage buildings on Wilson Street, Eveleigh and is commencing works on this site.

The focus will be on the development of affordable housing following Australian Government funding for the provision of infrastructure towards affordable housing. The development will consider the site’s heritage significance and will aim to enhance the amenity for existing site users and the neighbouring community.

The SMDA will keep the community and the current users of North Eveleigh informed of the progress of works, ensuring the area reaches its full economic, social and creative potential – providing a vibrant, sustainable community.

Road & Infrastructure works will also be commencing in the Western Precinct

Works involving road realignment, landscaping and infrastructure at the western part of North Eveleigh will enable the future development of affordable housing on the site, using Australian Government funding.

The works include:

·         the construction of a two way vehicle entry at the existing location;

·         the construction of a two way road, parallel to Wilson Street, between the site entry and the

            Carriage Workshop building;

·         associated car parking, footpaths, embankment stabilisation, landscaping and heritage interpretation;

·         electrical, telecommunications, sewerage, water, stormwater and gas services;

·         demolition of the Timber Shed extension to allow for the construction of the road;

·         remediation of land; and

·         RailCorp access driveway, near Iverys Lane. 

The approved Review of Environmental Factors, which includes mitigation measures to ensure minimal impacts on the local community, is available for download here. The Appendicies are available for download below.

Appendix A: Plans REF
Appendix B: Revised Draft RAP
Appendix C: City of Sydney comments and SMDA response
Appendix D: Heritage Impact Statement
Appendix E: Heritage Report No.2 North Eveleigh
Appendix F: Eveleigh Historical Archaeological Assessment - The Grange 
Appendix G: Independent Transport Review
Appendix H: Preliminary Road Staging Plan
Appendix I: Trees Protection Plan
Appendix J: Stormwater Management Plan
Heritage Approval

For further information see FAQs here or call Kerrie Symonds at the SMDA on 9202 9126.

To see the North Eveleigh Update November 2012 newsletter click here

Affordable Housing
The SMDA is in the process of selecting a community housing provider to construct and manage affordable housing on the site.

The affordable housing will be rented to people on a very low to moderate income and aims to assist “key workers” needed for a functioning City.
It will be constructed using funding from the successful community housing provider and contributions from developers.

The community housing provider will submit a development application for the affordable housing dwellings to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure for the building.

This will be publicly exhibited and the community will be able to make submissions on the proposal, like all development applications. Any decision will need to consider the public submissions made.

At the same time the SMDA will be undertaking a Stage 1 Transport Management and Accessibility Plan (TMAP) to consider the potential development for affordable housing and ensure consultation with key stakeholders.

This will supplement previous traffic and transport studies undertaken for the North Eveleigh Concept Plan.

North Eveleigh Parks - Invitation to contribute


The SMDA has commenced the process for designing two parks at the western end of the North Eveleigh site. To find out more and contribute please click here