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Minister Approves North Eveleigh Concept Plan

The Minister for Planning and Redfern Waterloo, Kristina Keneally, today announced she has approved a concept plan for the redevelopment of the historic former Eveleigh Railway Yards site in Redfern reports this news release of 30th January 2009 from the Minister's office.

Eveleigh Carriageworks Redevelopment To Deliver Thousands Of Jobs

More than 6,500 jobs, 1,200 homes including affordable housing, and five new parks would be delivered under a $550 million redevelopment of the former Eveleigh Railway Yards. 

The redevelopment would also help fund an upgrade to Redfern Railway Station, promoting public transport usage for existing and future residents and workers. 

Minister for Planning and Redfern Waterloo, Kristina Keneally, today announced she has approved a concept plan for the redevelopment of the historic former Eveleigh Railway Yards site in Redfern. 

“The former Eveleigh Railway Yards have an important place in both the history and future of Sydney, but at the moment it’s simply underutilised,” Ms Keneally said. 

“The fact is that the site’s proximity to both the city and Redfern Station means it has the potential to become one of Sydney’s key inner-city precincts. 

“However there’s no question there are planning challenges for the area: preserving heritage but achieving the sites potential; creating growth but accommodating current residents.  

“The plan I’m announcing today would strike a balance between these challenges, and at the same time recognise the site’s worker and railway history. 

“The concept would also create more than 6,500 jobs, over half of which would be ongoing positions once construction is complete. More than 300 jobs would be allocated for Indigenous workers. 

“The site would be taken to market in 2009, and developed over the next five to seven years.” Ms Keneally said the concept plan proposes: 

  • Around 1,200 new dwellings within close proximity to Redfern Railway Station, 3 kilometres from the Sydney CBD;
  • Construction of a number of new buildings ranging from 4 to 16 storeys, with the taller buildings at the eastern end of the site and adjacent to the rail corridor;
  • Retention and adaptive re-use of existing heritage buildings;
  • A public open space network totalling 9,980 m2 including five new parks;
  • A 12 per cent target of new dwellings for affordable housing;
  • Infrastructure and services such as roadways and stormwater management;
  • Intersection upgrades to address any increased traffic generation;
  • New community and childcare facilities. 

Ms Keneally said the concept plan has been informed by extensive public and community consultation. 

“Consultation on the original plan resulted in significant changes, including the removal of several proposed buildings and inclusion of five new parks,” Ms Keneally said. 

“The proposal would deliver a range of residential, commercial, retail and cultural uses on the site, bringing new life to the local area breaking down barriers that physically separate the area from surrounding suburbs and neighbourhoods” 

Changes made to the concept plan as a result of public consultation included: 

  • Providing more open space including pocket parks and a large park at site’s western end;
  • Deletion of two of the proposed buildings;
  • Redistribution of building heights across the site;
  • Reduction of on-site car parking;
  • Reduction of the proposed floor space;
  • Introduction of sustainability and affordable housing targets, and
  • Increased provision of childcare places 

Ms Keneally said another important change to the original proposal was the inclusion of guidelines for an Interpretation Strategy for historic and heritage items. 

“One of the outstanding features of this site is clearly its historical and heritage significance. In considering the proposal I wanted to ensure the heritage features were not only retained but enhanced. I believe the proposal in its amended form will achieve that,” Ms Keneally said. 

“The existing heritage buildings, such as the Chief Mechanical Engineers Building, the Paint Shop and Clothing Store, will be protected and sympathetically re-used, and the proposed building heights across the site will complement the scale of the heritage buildings”. 

“The scale of adjoining neighbourhood buildings has also been carefully considered, with buildings fronting Wilson Street limited to three storeys above street level to complement surrounding residential buildings”. 

“Even the historic Fan of Tracks has been incorporated as a feature of one of the parks, which adds to the interpretation of the site’s historical significance.” 

The 10.7 hectare site, on the northern edge of the western rail line between Redfern and Macdonaldtown stations, is within walking distance of Sydney University’s Darlington campus, Redfern town centre and the Australian Technology Park. 

Previously known as Eveleigh Carriage Workshops, the site was closed as a construction and maintenance centre for rail stock in 1988.

REDWatch Note: The Approval and any conditions will appear on the DoP website in the near future at : Concept Plan residential, commercial, cultural and open space