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Transport NSW Web Statement on Western Express/City Relief Line

The following statement has recently appeared on the Transport NSW Website concerning planning for the Western Express/City Relief line. The text below was taken from the page posted on 17 June 2010.

The NSW Government is working to deliver faster and more frequent rail services to Western Sydney and increase the overall capacity of the heavy rail network.

New express train services will be introduced from Penrith and Richmond and new platforms will be built at Redfern, Railway Square (near Central), City West (near Town Hall) and Wynyard.

To help achieve this, a new 5km priority tunnel, known as the City Relief Line, is proposed to be constructed from Eveleigh to Wynyard, separating western services from inner city trains.

The Western Express project will:

  • Improve capacity, travel times and comfort for long distance commuters from the city's west and north west
  • Add to the efficiency of the existing rail network, enabling increased train services from the north, south and south west
  • Meet the demand of expected growth along the western side of the CBD (Darling Harbour and Barangaroo)
  • Take pressure off existing stations in the CBD, in particular Wynyard, Town Hall and Central, and
  • Make provision for future expansion of the network.

This project forms part of the NSW Government's Metropolitan Transport Plan. Funds have been allocated from the 2010-11 Budget for Transport NSW to commence the planning process and assess the design and alignment options.

This project is in the early design and planning phase.

Transport NSW is starting alignment and design studies for the project and will investigate a number of alignment and construction options. A key focus of the investigations will be to make as much use as possible of land in public ownership and minimise impacts on private property along the route.

No decisions have yet been made about property requirements.

There will be regular project updates available on this website and regular communication and consultation with the community.

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