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Plans for Tunnel Options in North Eveleigh Concept Plan

The RWA's North Eveleigh Concept Plan needed to ensure that no development on North Eveleigh impacted on the proposed dive and underground corridor planned for a new city line. This is the corridor being proposed to be used by the 2010 announced City Relief line. Appendix R to the original North Eveleigh Concept Plan included plans for the "North Eveleigh Dive and Tunnel Alignment Concept Design Corridor Protection" prepared by Connell Wagner in October 2007 for RailCorp and the RWA for two tunnel options. The link to these can be found below.

The plans are split into two files (Appendix A1 & A2) that can be downloaded from the RWA website. The Structural issues report deals with other structural issues as well as impact of the proposed dive and tunnel.

The proposed dive is referred to in other documents associated with the North Eveleigh Concept Plan. In the following main documents a search in the PDF for the word "dive" will locate the main sections. The main documents are:

This page has been prepared by REDWatch to bring together links to various North Eveleigh Concept Plan Documents dealing with the proposed Transport NSW North Eveleigh dive, tunnel and the new proposed underground Redfern platform.