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Transport NSW - Community update June 2010 Western Express Rail Project

The following "Community Update" leaflet was distributed by Transport NSW on June 22, 2010 around Leamington Avenue to advise people about the Western Express Rail Project which potentially impacts on houses in the Pine's estate.

Community update June 2010 WESTERN EXPRESS RAIL PROJECT

Planning has started for the Western Express Rail Project, which was announced in the NSW Government's Metropolitan Transport Plan in February.

The finished project would enable express train services to run from Penrith and Richmond connecting directly to new underground stations from Redfern to Wynyard.

Building this new track would achieve a full separation of outer and inner western trains and allow faster and more frequent services to operate on the Western Express, as well as on the rest of the Sydney rail network.

This Community Update is provided to clarify some facts about the project.

The Western Express is a new project and no final decisions have been made about the route alignment. Extensive consultation will take place with the community before such a decision is made.

The project will include an underground tunnel that would start in the Eveleigh area. Determining the alignment of the tracks and how this tunnelling will be done requires very detailed engineering, geotechnical and other specialist investigations.

Transport NSW has just begun to look at the alignment and construction options. Every effort will be made to maximise the use of Government-owned land and minimise any impacts on private property. No decision about property requirements has been made at this stage.

Given the importance of the studies for local residents, the work to identify a preferred alignment in the Eveleigh area is being accelerated. Transport NSW understands that while this work is undertaken, there may be a period of uncertainty. Residents who feel they are impacted during this time are encouraged to contact Transport NSW to discuss their issues in more detail.

For the Western Express Project as a whole, a full Environmental Assessment must be prepared and approved. It must take into account all the implications of the proposed work. The necessary detailed studies and planning approval will take place during 2012.

Transport NSW will inform and consult local communities about the progress of the Western Express project. Information will be regularly posted and updated on the Transport NSW website and the inquiries phone number is 1800 636 910.

Source: Transport NSW Level 21, 227 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW 2000, GPO Box 1620 Sydney NSW 2001, T 9268 2800 F 9268 2900