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Leamington Avenue Saved

The residents of Leamington Avenue, Holdsworth and Pines Streets, Newtown, are extremely relieved the State Government has announced on 29 August 2010 that it will not be compulsorily acquiring their heritage homes to make way for the City Relief Line reports this media release from Save Leamington Avenue Inc on 29 August 2010.

This is a victory for the local community which has worked tirelessly to save the Pines Estate Heritage Conservation Area and the famous “Three Proud People” mural from destruction.

It shows genuine grass roots campaigns can deliver the right result for local communities.

The decision to wholly accommodate the City Relief Line on the neighbouring, largely vacant, Government owned North Eveleigh site is the only sensible decision which could have been made.

Whilst residents are relieved at today’s decision, they are calling on the Government to overhaul the State’s compulsory acquisition laws so people only ever have to face the prospect of losing their homes:

  • after genuine and meaningful consultation;
  • as a last resort;
  • where they are truly justly compensated for the loss of their homes and the enormous turmoil this entails;
  • where others who are not directly affected, but who otherwise adversely affected by the decision, are also recognised.

The residents express their thanks to the local member, and Deputy Premier, Carmel Tebbutt, for her efforts in persuading her Government colleagues that the Pines Estate Heritage Conservation Area and the“Three Proud People” mural must be preserved.

The Transport NSW Statement can be seen at

The Ministers Media release can be seen at