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Chippendale residents eager to ditch ‘least leafy suburb’ tag

When it comes to public parks, Lindsay Charles reckons Chippendale would get the wooden spoon reports Patrick Billings in City news on 17th August 2008.


"Chippendale has the least amount of public space, possibly in Australia, and definitely in Sydney," said Ms Charles, of FoCUS (Friends of Carlton United site) lobby group.

But the suburb may climb out of bottom spot under the new plan for the Kent Street Brewery site on Broadway.

Frasers Property, the company developing the site, wants the state government to approve a public park of 6300 square metres.

Under the original plan, one of Australia's largest urban projects, only 5300 square metres were reserved for a public park. But after local residents complained about the development's lack of public space, Frasers have increased the size of the park.

"After consulting with the community we took a view to achieve more public space, including upgrading the park," chief operating officer Nicholas Wolff said.

"We realised we didn't need as many roads as planned so we approached the design team to incorporate a larger park in the site’s centre."

But locals could have their hopes dashed, according to Ms Charles, who believes much of the increased park space will be paved due to a lack of natural light.

"We are happy for any increase in park space but we are worried that it is not going to be usable," she said.

"Most of the new park space will be paved or put on platforms to get sunlight."

Greens candidate Matthew Drake-Brockman opposed the development from the outset. He later took the Minister for Planning to court over the development.

"In the end, Frasers really came on board, implemented their own measures and have gone beyond any expectation we had hoped for," he said.

The modified concept plan, currently before the NSW Department of Planning, also seeks approval for an additional 22,000 square metres of floor space and an increase in the height of the towers facing Broadway.

The modified plan is on public display until September 1.

City News Chippendale residents eager to ditch ‘least leafy suburb’ tag