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Combined Chippendale Community Groups Update - 25th September 2008

This is the text of the Coalition Chippendale Community Groups Chippendale News of 25th September 2008.

This Update includes:

1.      CUB site (Frasers Broadway) - latest news

2.      Community Meeting - this Saturday, 27 Sept at the brewery site (access from Broadway) re the  Main Park Design

3.      Food for the Future Fair - Saturday, 11 October – flyer attached

4.      Urban Design Study - Potential Height and FSR increases 

5.      DA for Bar Broadway - conversion bar space and level 1 into accommodation

6.      Chippendale Peepshow - Sunday 19 October

7.   Dont forget to report crime


1.           Former CUB site – Latest News
Many thanks to everyone who helped us over recent weeks by getting your comments and feedback in, about the proposed changes to the approved Concept Plan (Masterplan). 
The latest news - we are meeting the NEW Minister for Planning this Friday and are hopeful she will understand and ensure the concerns about density, overshadowing and some other key issues will be addressed.

Disappointingly some key information in terms of heights and overshadowing was not forthcoming during the public exhibition period – this will also be also raised with the Minister.
At this time in our discussions with the Minister we will focus on:
-           getting the overall density reduced - no greater than that previously approved
 -          reducing the bulk and scale along Abercrombie and Kensington Streets

-           increasing sunlight and reducing overshadowing offsite and onsite

-           getting traffic turnover substantially reduced

-           making sure all public domain is not privately held -  

In the interim we are also contacting the Department and CoS to see what can be done in terms of the poor site management and unreasonable impact from dust, vibration and noise – which clearly is impacting locals.

Whilst Frasers (the new site owners) are actively sponsoring many local events (which we urge them to do to offset the impact from the site construction over so the next few years) the site’s poor management is a key issue - which is doing a lot of damage in terms of community relations.    

2.                Community “Discussion” - this Saturday, 2:30 to 4:30pm – about the “ Main Park ” Design for former CUB site.  Access from the Main Gate on Broadway

Frasers the new owners of the former CUB site are organising a community discussion about the Main Park design.  

We encourage you to attend to put forward your ideas and suggestions. 

In the interim, locals are concerned that the timing of the meeting is more about PR spin, to subvert attention from the proposed changes to the site. 
In preparation for the meeting, please be alerted to some key issues - ie the proposed increase in open space suggested by Frasers is misleading as it takes into account privately held space, which under the approved plan is designated as public domain.   This includes the immediate areas around the heritage precinct. 
Importantly much of the park will be overshadowed for large parts of the day, making it difficult for grass to grow.  Frasers are also proposing that much of the open space for the site now be designated as privately held (with public access).  This raises significant concerns. 

We urge you to make your ideas as well as you concerns heard by attending the meeting.

3.                Food for the Future Fair
Keep this date free in your diaries - Saturday 11 October  - 10 to 4pm at Peace Park.  Organised by locals for locals, please see the FLYER attached.  
If you would like more information about this great local initiative – please contact Tina Kao - email  tykao79@hotmail.com or call 0402 490 136
…. You can help by
plant 200 food trees and plants or help unravel hay bales and create watering pipe systems – set up the event – or just coming along for a great day.

Alternately if you would like to be more involved - come along on Thursdays at 5:30pm to Mission, in Little Queen Street, when the committee for this initiative meet.

4.               Urgent Alert - Changes in Local Planning Controls - get your submission in today
The City of Sydney is making changes to the local planning controls.  These will follow the recent “urban design studies” which you can now view on the City’s website.
The changes are likely to include substantive height and FSR increases for some parts of Chippendale including Meagher and Myrtle Streets as well as on Broadway.
In particular residents living to the south of Meagher Street could be impacted by increased overshadowing; if potential sites such as the former Metro building and adjoining block are redeveloped.  Similarly sections of Myrtle Street seem likely to be attractive to developers given likely changes to height and FSR on sites along here. 
If this potentially impacts you, or you are a concerned local who is worried about future height increases running over into your street – we urge you - take a look at the urban design study which can be found on the city’s website, then email/write to the City TODAY to express your concerns.  Key contact points are Andrew Thomas and Fran O’Brien at the City of Sydney .
In particular locals should be aware of the potential “bracket creep” for many parts of the suburb, particularly where terrace housing exists, which is set to be changed from 6 to 9 metres.  Whilst streets with gable type roofs should be OK, potentially streets where a row of terraces with a flat line roof currently exists – may find a row of additional storeys may be added on.

5.               Bar Broadway - take a look at this DA – with changes to level 1 and the bar area – converting it into potentially backpackers accommodation.  The exhibition period for public comments, closes shortly.   For more details about the DA, visit the City’s website.

6.               “Peepshow” – Chippendale, behind closed doors

To be held on Sunday the 19 October as part of the Art & About Festival on Sunday 19 October 2008. A street festival is also being organized by the Wellington Street locals to support the event.

For more information -- contact www.queenstreetstudio.com/peepshow

7.     A reminder - to report local crime to Redfern Police Station by calling 8303 5199.  If crime is not reported - then it's not known or addressed.  Remember, report break ins to car and homes. 

Source: Coalition Chippendale Community Groups Chippendale News - communityworkingparty@yahoo.com.au