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CCCG News Update - 1 March 2009

This is the 1 March 2009 News Update from the Coalition Chippendale Community Groups. This Issue is in PDF format as it includes pictures from DAs. In adition to an editorial it icludes updates on : 1. Former CUB Site (Frasers Broadway) 2. Notre Dame University misleads local community over future plans - another DA is now on exhibition for 480 students 3. DA for a new College for o/s students - operating in Chippen Street till 10:30pm 4. DA – Uniworld College - plans for 800 overseas high school students 5. DA – Student Accommodation - Regent Street 6. UTS – Masterplan to 2010 - major redevelopment plans on Broadway 7. Traffic works and public domain improvements – Buckland, Meagher and Myrtle 8 Balfour Street North Park 9. Councils Green Network. What about Chippendale? 10. Footpath Maintenance Works – Balfour and Bartley Streets 11. Changes to local planning controls 12. To be part of their Committee - contact communityworkingparty@yahoo.com.au. File is 671Kb PDF.

CCCG - NEWS UPDATE 20090301.pdf — PDF document, 671 kB (687345 bytes)