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RWA - Frasers Modified Affordable Housing Agreement

The Agreement between the RWA and Frasers on Affordable Housing on 28 November 2008 provides for payment in 5 installments starting in June 2009. Each of the first four installments are for $6m with an adjusting installment dependendt of the final FSR. Interest is charged on any late payment at 2% above the Bank Bill Rate. The link to the agreement is below:

The Modified Affordable Housing Planning Agreement .pdf (667.4 KB PDF) is on the Department of Planning website Major Planning Planning Register for Carlton United Breweries Site: MOD 2 to approved concept plan for Former CUB Site (MP06_0171 MOD 2) under Determination Documents.

Provided by REDWatch on 17 April 2009 for clarification follwong the Frasers decision to suspend the CUB site project - see - It's off: Carlton brewery site goes flat.