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CUB SITE - WHAT YOU CAN DO - 16 June 2006

Following is a breif report from the Coalition Chippendale Community Groups about the 15 June 2006 meeting and proposals for action to try and stop control of the site being taken over by the Minister of Planning Frank Sartor. The site was made State Significant on 21 June 2006.
Thanks to all those who were able to come to last night’s meeting at the Medina Executive.  Despite the venue being near Central, the room was overflowing – with the media there.  
As you know, the Central Sydney Planning Committee (which determines major development s in the City of Sydney Local Government area), voted last week to ask the Minister for Planning, Frank Sartor, to take control of the planning and approval processes for the CUB site (with 4 Government nominees in favour and 3 COS Councillors voting against).
At this stage the Minister has not yet taken control.
At the meeting, Council gave a project update and showed the proposed controls which were due to go on exhibition any day, i.e. before the Government’s intervention. 
We now do not know what will happen. 
Whilst many in the audience wanted the Lord Mayor to take action to reduce what’s currently proposed, given the Government’s intervention, the immediate thing is to make sure the project is not called in, which will hinder public debate. 
To ensure this does NOT happen, we need you to immediately lobby some key politicans so that the Minister, Frank Sartor, does NOT choose to exercise this power.
You can do this by:
1.            Sending a short and simple email/fax/letter to express your protest:
  •           The Premier
  •           The Opposition Leader, Peter Dednam
  •           The Planning Minister, Frank Sartor
  •           The Lord Mayor and Local Member for Bligh, Clover Moore
2.            Watch out for the issue on talkback radio. Here we ask you to call in.
3.                Write letters to daily and local papers, eg letters@smh.com.au
Further below is an outline of a sample letter. 
We also enclose a copy of a flyer, which we handed out to attendees at last night’s meeting.  This shows how the draft planning controls for the CUB site, compare to controls in other areas.  
For those who were interested in reading the Jury report, which followed the previously held Design Competition, this can be found via Council’s website search facility – just type in Jury Report.
Once again we encourage you to lobby hard.  
Kind regards
The Coalition Chippendale Community Groups -  Like to receive updates, email communityworkingparty@yahoo.com.au.


I wish to strongly register my protest against the Minister for Planning,  Frank Sartor taking control of the planning and approval processes for the Carlton United Brewery site in Chippendale.
This is a blatant power and money grab by the Government which facilitates enormous windfall profits for Fosters.
The Minister’s unwanted last minute interference in legitimate Council and CSPC’s processes can only be described as more Government spin.
I strongly support control of this project remaining with the City of Sydney.
Yours sincerely