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Coalition Chippendale Community Groups initial response to Exhibition

The email below was sent by the Coalition Chippendale Community Groups to alert people to the Exhibition of the Concept Plan for the CUB site. on 30th October 2006.
As you know, Planning Minister Frank Sartor and his department have arbitrarily taken over as consent authority for the C.U.B. (Fosters) Brewery site on Broadway in Chippendale.
The concept (master) plan has now finally been released for public comment – although the Departments doesn't seem to be actively publicising it well (we wonder why??)   This is the Concept Plan that will dicate building heights (up to 120 metres), street layouts, the population count (nearly 8,000 residents/workers) and thousands of cars (about 2,300 car spots).
You can see the Plan (has many sections) at the Dept of Planning in Bridge Street City in normal office hours.  Alternatively its also on exhibtion at Council although they have allowed Council only two copies to display at the One Stop Shop at Town Hall House and at the Redfern Service Centre, Lawson Square (8am-6pm during week plus Redfern open Saturday morning).
We are preparing a summary for you which we will circulate soon. We are also organsing a public meeting where we will invite the Planning Minister to hear community concerns - we are hoping to organise the public meeting for next week - just prior to when Parliament resumes for its final 6 sitting days this year.   We will email you the meeting date, time and venue as soon as we have confirmed the venue.  Please remember the time is really short for public comment and there is no right of appeal so your comments at this time is vital.  
The info is also on the web at then click on Major Projects Part 3A and scroll down the page to find the information about how to comment.  Then take the link to a commercial site which gives all the plans – well, we can’t guarantee that ALL the plans are there.  BUT, there are many, many megabytes to be downloaded.   You can also access the documents from Fosters website -
We wonder why they make obtaining the information just so hard ??? Some of us might like to make the Premier, the State Opposition, the media, etc. aware of this apparent “Clayton’s Community Consultation”    The information is only available until Mon. 27th Nov at which date submissions (i.e., you comments) must be lodged.
In short - Fosters proposal now on exhibition can only be described as a gross over-development of the site with problems re bulk and height of buildings, heritage retention, size of park, excessive car parking, on-site car movement and environmental considerations including serious soil redemidation etc.
Whilst the Property Council has been in the media putting the spin to the project and some building unions may be supportive (who are looking for work at a time of depressed construction activity) the Plans have been described as appalling by many locals. The pressure is now on the State Government who has long supported the development industry (2nd largest donors to the Labor Party after the unions and certain parts of the liquor industry).
Unforunately much of the earlier advice and comments from our community, from Council, and from Design  Jury Experts is being ignored.   For those who have seen the plans for the Design Competion, Fosters Concept Plan is described as a far worse outcome - definitely not the design excellence solution Frank Sartor promised.
We urge everyone to lodge your thoughts/comments to the address shown on the web site.  Please also send copies of your letters to:
The Lord Mayor GPO Box 1591 Sydney NSW 2001
Mr Chris Hartcher Shadow Planning Minister Parliament Hse Macquarie St SYDNEY 2000
The Premier, Governor Phillip Tower, SYDNEY 2000.
We urge you to take a stand to get a better outcome.

From the Coalition Chippendale Community Groups (includes Chippendale Residents Interest Group, Friends of Carlton United Site and East Chippendale Community Group).  Like to help or give your feedback it's best to email us at