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An urgent CUB Update from CCCG – Submissions can be emailed

The following information has been supplied by the Coalition Chippendale Community Groups on 22 November 2006 regarding submissions for the CUB site.

This is a reminder that the closing date for submissions for the CUB site is next Monday, 27 November. Your submission can be long or short, however its important that objections be raised before its too late.

Importantly submissions will now be accepted by email. Email details are  or

We urge you to raise your concerns before the Minister considers whether to approve, reject or ask for the Fosters scheme to be changed.  All submissions must be reviewed by the proponent (Fosters) and commented on. If sending an email or by mail please remember submission must be received at the Department of Planning by close of business on Monday.   

FYI, we are continuing to urge the Minister to grant an extension in time, but at this stage have not had a favourable response.

So please get your submission in by Monday and remember the following MUST be included:

Your submission must go to the attention of Director, Strategic Assessments The Director, Strategic Assessments, Department of Planning, GPO Box 38, Sydney NSW 2001 and include:

  • your name and mailing address;
  • the location of the proposal and major project number (SUBMISSION REGARDING CARLTON UNITED BREWERY SITE, CHIPPENDALE MAJOR PROJECT NUMBER 06_0171)
  • a statement on whether you support or object to the proposal; and
  • the reasons why you support or object to the proposal.

We have attached a basic outline showing the necessary details - see below.

We have been requested by many residents/workers to assist them in preparing a submission.   Whilst we are unable to do thsi on an individual basis, we will email by tomorrow a very basic proforma letter which we suggest amending as you see fit.

Kind regards

The Coalition Chippendale Community Groups (includes Chippendale Residents Interest Group, Friends of Carlton United Site and East Chippendale Community Group)




(Date)                                                                                                                                                     (Your Address)


The Director, Strategic Assessments

Department of Planning

GPO Box 38

SYDNEY   NSW   2001                       (must be received by 27 November)




I am a resident/worker who lives in ………………………….. with my family/children/partner.  I have lived in Chippendale for … years and intend living here long term.   

I object to the proposal for the following reasons:





Yours sincerely


(Your Name)