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Letter on CUB Site from CCCG to City of Sydney Council

This is a copy of a letter from Combined Chippendale Community Groups to City of Sydney Council confirming a one week extension for submissions and also setting out key areas of concern that CCCG wish the Council to take up with the CUB site owners. CCCG have advised that point 1 in this letter has been discovered to be incorrect. Contrary to media reports, the proposed Gross FSR will be 4.36 and not the 4.23:1 reported. This is just under the 4.4:1 the brief for the design competition proposed which was subsequently rejected by the panel as being excessive. File is MS Word 186 Kb.

CUB SITE - LETTER TO THE LORD MAYOR & CEO 251106.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 186 kB (190464 bytes)