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Carlton United Brewery Site Update from CCCGs 25th January 2007

As you are aware, the exhibition period for the proposed Concept Plan recently closed. In short, the draft Plan effectively allows up to 10 high rise towers, up to 40 storeys high crammed onto the site, and triples the local residential/working population.

The Plans also have a major implication for liveability standards across NSW.  If approved, developers will get the green light to reduce sunlight standards across the State – this has major implications in terms of the State’s future environmental and sustainable planning.

We’ve made representations to the local labour candidate for the March 2007 state elections, Linda Stott, requesting urgent representations to the Minister - as yet there’s been no further news. 

In the absence of any further news we’re unsure whether is good or bad news  - if this means the plans have been rejected in response to public pressure OR if the Government is holding off announcing its decision until after the election because it’s bad news.  So we urge you to continue the fight to keep up the public pressure – we know we’re not alone in our concerns about poor planning outcomes (see item 5)

In the interim, we’ve extended an urgent invitation to the Minister and Department of Planning to tour the local streets (around the site) with community representatives BEFORE any decision is made, so the impact on Chippendale can be understood. 

In the meantime if you can help us review Government documents about the CUB site which have been made available through a FOI application please contact us urgently.