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Coalition Chippendale Community Groups Update on CUB Meeting

For those who couldn’t make the meeting last night - the image (linked below) gives you some idea of one of the images we saw - it shows the skyline looking at Chippendale. We’ve tried to outline the type of massing being considered vs. UTS building which is there now.
Just a quick alert following last night’s meeting.  Firstly a big thank you to everyone who could make it to last night’s meeting (particularly given the hail storm) and welcome to our new readers.
We’ve had a lot of feedback today and expect the story will run in the media tomorrow. 
For those who couldn’t make the meeting last night - the image CUB Site gives you some idea of one of the images we saw - it shows the skyline looking at Chippendale. We’ve tried to outline the type of massing being considered vs. UTS building which is there now.
The reaction around the room was one of shock and disbelief - described by some in the room as a “mini Manhattan” in Chippendale - there was also a great deal of frustration about way the meeting was conducted, the lack of information and misinformation.
Two things you can do to get the story out there (particularly on Thursday and Friday):  
·       Call in to the following programs - remember every call counts: 
Alan Jones – 2GB                Tel. 131 873                  email  alanjones@2gb.com
Ray Hadley – 2 GB                         Tel. 131 873                  email  jtooze@2gb.com
ABC 702                             Tel. 1300 222 702
Adam Spencer (breakfast) or Virginia Trollope (from 8:30am) or Richard Glover (later in the day)     
You can also SMS the ABC on 199 22 702
·       Email the Premier                thepremier@www.nsw.gov.au
see sample email further below - please amend as appropriate and send
In the interim, we’re following up our request for a second public meeting as well a copy of the presentation slides.  However, the feedback so far from Fosters has been a “no” to the slides.   

We’re also asking for an extension in time for submissions to be made to the Expert Advisory Panel, so there’s sufficient time for a second public meeting and feedback.   
If can help us for printing contacts for flyers and billboards (say a discount) that would be terrific. We’d also love to find someone who’s able to draw up some sketches to publicise what’s being considered.
If you’re a new reader to our email news, please let us know if you are able to help or would like to be involved in our Committee - we could do with the help particularly at this stage of the process – remember the Government wants to get this project over the line by the end of the year.
Kind regards
Dear Premier
I write to you seeking your urgent intervention.
Last year, the CCT debacle showed us what happens when transparency is missing from a consultation process and where Government departments rely on the proponent’s information.
On Tuesday this week, I attended the only public meeting organised by the Expert Advisory Panel (EPA), for the purposes of consultation with local residents and businesses about the CUB site, a billion dollar project.
Unfortunately attendance at the meeting was smaller than expected due to the abject failure of the Department of Planning to provide adequate notification of the meeting to the community.  I know many residents and businesses did not receive any notification at all.  Many only received a flyer 1-2 days prior and that was only due to the insistence of the local community group.
At the meeting it was obvious that the consultation process was a “Clayton’s process”.
No background information was provided. Complex documents were only available on a screen – often with little time (seconds) nor clarity to enable comprehension. 
Despite several requests, no guarantee could be given that this information could be made more readily accessible.  In some cases, misinformation was given. Fortuitously, a member of the public had comprehensive documents and was able to correct the Government’s representative.  In all my years at any public forum, I have never seen anything like it.
I note the Minister was missing from the meeting – this was unfortunate because then, at the very least, he could have seen the meeting’s mismanagement.
Importantly, the process needs urgent review.  At the very least, a second public meeting should be organised so that residents and businesses can view the types of proposals being put forward and be clearly informed on what the proponent is seeking. This meeting should be notified to all property owners, residents and businesses in Chippendale and Ultimo giving at least a week’s notice so that people can attend.
We understand that the Expert Advisory Panel report is due to the Minister by the end of the month, with the proponent wishing to lodge their plans in the first week of September.
Given there is no appeal process later available, we ask that the reporting time for the Expert Advisory Panel to finalise their report for  Minister be extended to ensure genuine and proper consultation.  Further we also ask that all papers including all documentation relating to the EAP’s investigations be made available. 
Yours sincerely

The image referred to at the start of this update can be viewed at the following link CUB Site (JPG File 159Kb)

More information about what Foster’s wants can be found on The Planning NSW site in the Foster’s Scoping Paper

From the Coalition Chippendale Community Groups (includes Chippendale Residents Interest Group, Friends of Carlton United Site and East Chippendale Community Group).  Like to help or give your feedback it's best to email us on communityworkingparty@yahoo.com.au .