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Pemulwuy Project Modification Details Publicly Available

The Department of Planning (DoP) has posted the Aboriginal Housing Company’s (AHC) Preliminary Plans for modification of the Pemulwuy Project Concept Plan. These documents can now be viewed on the Department of Planning’s Major Project website under Pemulwuy Concept Plan MOD 1. We have provided some background to the changes and a guide to the documents currently available below.

On 30 June 2009 the DoP finally gave approval to a Concept Plan for the redevelopment of AHC lands on and around The Block in Redfern. You can still see all the documents for the original proposal on the DoP website under Pemulwuy Mixed Use Development Redfern. This approval followed a long battle by the AHC and the community to get approval for the building of a new housing development on The Block.

Having received concept approval the AHC has been working for the last year on the project and in particular on how to ensure that building the project can be funded and be viable in the long term. The AHC will retain control of the development and they have engaged Dei Corp, who is doing the Redfern RSL Redevelopment, to act as the Project Manager.

During the review process the AHC decided it needed to strengthen the income producing side of the development to ensure the affordable housing component would be viable in the long term.  As a result the area between Caroline and Lawson Streets is now proposed as much needed student housing above retail at street level. This, along with some commercial parking underneath the Pemulwuy Project and income from the commercial development alongside the railway line, is designed to provide an income stream for the AHC so it can provide affordable housing for Aboriginal families.

As a result of these changes the AHC has submitted the modifications to the Department of Planning. The DoP has now advised the AHC of its requirements and the AHC with Dei Corp are preparing the documentation requested by the DoP so the amended proposals can be placed on formal public exhibition.

In line with planning procedures the DoP has made available the Preliminary Environmental Assessment [Application] and the Departments Requirements on the DoP website. All future documents associated with the modification and exhibition will also be placed on this site as they are available. These documents can be found on the Major Projects website under  The Block: Pemulwuy Concept Plan MOD 1.

To make the documents more easily assessable REDWatch has provided below a list of the Documents on the DoP site with some comments about what is in each document so you can easily find the documents of interest.

The Block - Redfern - Pemulwuy Concept Plan MOD 1 - DGRs Issued - Documents

Job Title: Project Type: Pemulwuy Concept Plan MOD 1 Residential, Commercial & Retail Description: Modification of the approved Concept Plan for the Pemulwuy Project. Attachments and Resources:

REDWatch Note January 2012: The links on this page have been updated in January 2012 to reflect changes on the Department of Planning and Infrastructure website. The Director Generals Requirements originally provided by the Department on 30/9/2010 has been replaced by requirements issued on 12/8/2011. This follows changes proposed by the AHC in a new Preliminary Environmental Assessment in July 2011. All other documents remain as displayed by the Department in 2010 except for the Section 75W Application which is dated 14/12/2011. The links on the Departments website still contain no information about the content of each file so the details below are still relevant in finding information in the Preliminary Modification Application. 

Preliminary Project Application and Overview for Modification - 2010

Precinct 2 – Retail & Student Housing

Precinct 1 – Townhouses, Apartments, Gym & Retail

Precinct 3 – Commercial

Preliminary Project Application and Overview for Modification - 2011

Section 75W Application Form

Department of Planning Requirements

As at January 2012 this project is being handled within the Department of Planning by Jane Flanagan who can be contacted via email at jane.flanagan@planning.nsw.gov.au.

REDWatch Note Regarding AHC Notices to its Tenants - 17 November 2010

REDWatch has been fielding a lot of media enquiries regarding this matter recently and in light of some of the media coverage it is also useful to clarify this matter here.

The AHC issued notices to their tenants at The Block so they would qualify for priority housing.  To receive priority housing with Housing NSW and Bridge Housing the tenants needed to be facing eviction / homelessness. The AHC, Housing Providers, Police, Council and the RWA have all been providing assistance to the AHC and tenants to make the transition as smooth as possible.  We understand that almost all tenants have now lodged applications for alternative housing and that offers are being made to them for alternative housing.

It is not the AHC’s intention to evict people when the deadline arrives. Alternative housing may not have been arranged by this time. The AHC did however make it clear that if the tenants refused to move and had not applied for alternative housing that the AHC would have to go to the Tenancy Tribunal to request eviction.

The AHC is hoping to start demolishing the remaining buildings on The Block as soon as practical in preparation for the approval and construction of the project.

While there have been concerns raised by some Aboriginal people in the media about the project and the moving of tenants REDWatch understands that in early November 2010 a meeting of CEOs of key Redfern Aboriginal controlled organisations expressed support for the AHC and its Pemulwuy Project initiative.

Information on the recent initiative to bring together Redfern Aboriginal controlled organisations under a new umbrella will be made available by the new organisation in the near future. In the meantime inquiries can be directed to Millie Ingram at Wyanga.