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Some Eveleigh & Holden Street Resident Landowner's letter to Department of Planning

Six owners and residents of privatly owned land near the corner of Holden and Eveleigh Streets have written to the Department of Planning in response to the Pemulwuy Mixed Use Development Application stating their opposition to any commercial zoning, use and development of their land. The letter below was circulated by Beverley Baker who was one of the landowners who signed the letter.

The Director General,
Department of Planning
PO Box 39 GPO Sydney NSW 2001
Fax 9228 6455

Dear Sir

Re: Pemulwuy Mixed Use Development -- Application No 06-0101 

      Joint Submission by Residents and Landholders

1. The undersigned are residents and landholders in Eveleigh and Holden Sts Redfern.

2. We support the provision of Aboriginal housing on The Block, and look forward to a thriving community on this iconic Aboriginal land.

3. We support the provision of arts, cultural and sporting facilities on AHC land in the Lawson St precinct, and the adaptive use of the former Murrawina site for Aboriginal community purposes.

4. We believe that commercial development is non-viable and inappropriate except in the Lawson St precinct, due to the abundance of this type of usage to be provided nearby, and to preserve the residential character of the surrounding area.

5. We are part of this community, we enjoy living here and intend to remain. We will continue to be supportive of, and optimistic about, the future of Aboriginal Redfern.

6.We oppose commercial zoning, use and development in the area on which our homes stand.

7. We have not given, and will not give, consent to the lodgement of any Application that would deprive us of our homes and introduce commercial development in their place.