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North Eveleigh Community Forum & Submission Background

Here you will find some background to the North Eveleigh Concept Plan and links to documents repating to the plan and the Affordable Housing Exhibition. Due to changes on the RWA & SMDA website we have provided new links to documents. This document was originally sent out as an email to people with an interest in North Eveleigh Issues.

On Monday 21st May there will be a Community Forum at Carriageworks on What is happening with Development at North Eveleigh? In case you have not seen a flyer through your letter box I have attached the flyer. REDWatch with Save Leamington Ave Inc have organised a Community Forum for 21st May at 7pm at CarriageWorks to get some answers. Presentations will be made by the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority (SMDA) who have plans on exhibition, Carriageworks and local residents.  

The SMDA have received Federal Funding for 61 Affordable Housing Units at North Eveleigh and they have their Review of Environmental Factors for the North Eveleigh Affordable Housing Project Early Works and Infrastructure Works on exhibition - they have agreed to accept submissions up until 25th May so that those who come to the forum can make a submission. The SMDA also have their Affordable Housing Strategy and Programme on exhibition until 24 May. You can download details of both from SMDA on Exhibition.

The proposed early works are based on the Approved North Eveleigh Concept Plan. You can find the original proposal and the revised proposal on the SMDA website at and the Department of Planning’s final report and approval on Concept Plan residential, commercial, cultural and open space. The Department’s independent assessment of traffic and transport impacts, undertaken by SKM (p33 Director General's Report), which addressed traffic generation, particularly the assumptions made about traffic generated by the development, calculation and mode share assumptions, and on-site parking provision has not been made public. Submissions on the initial Concept Plan and other documents can be found on the REDWatch site at North Eveleigh Major Project Application by RWA 2008.

You can see some of the concerns raised about the North Eveleigh proposals in the following documents:

Also on exhibition in the surrounding area and open for submissions are:

  • Remediation of the Macdonaldtown Gasworks site near Macdonaldtown Station- Until 1 June 2012. Those with an interest in Heritage should note the Heritage Interpretation Plan (Appendix M) which provides the history of this part of the former Eveleigh Railyards. Note also that due to limited space at the site of the former Macdonaldtown gasworks site, the proposal also seeks to move material off site and potentially use a site within the Chullora Railway Workshops and Yards within the Strathfield LGA to treat some of the excavated material should it be required. The link address is:


  • Notice of Intention for Full Liquor Licence Application for Berkley Hotel 158 Abercrombie Street, Redfern - information & comments with 30 days to Dion Manca email