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Rail Corp Lodge DA with RWA for North Eveleigh Demolition

RailCorp have lodged a Development Application in regard to the demolition of certain buildings in the North Eveleigh area. Given community interest following the RailCorp tender being advertised without a DA application we are making available the information received from the RWA late Friday 17 April 2009. The DA will be exhibited from 29 April to 20 May 2009.


Stores 1, 2 and 3 are timber framed structures and Stores 4 and the Carriage Shop Extension are steel framed structures. The Boilermakers Shop is a later addition attached to the Carriage Shop Extension. The location of these buildings is shown on the attached plan.

In the assessment of heritage significance for the purpose of the North Eveleigh Concept Plan the Stores buildings and Carriage Shop extension at North Eveleigh were identified as having significant termite damage. Subsequent advice regarding the structural adequacy of the timbers and the buildings themselves (prepared by Robert Bird Group and commissioned by RWA) confirmed that the timber and steel framed buildings have structural issues that need to be addressed. In the case of all buildings it was recommended that access to the buildings be restricted and a perimeter around the building cordoned off to restrict access.  The report recommended demolition of Stores 1, 2 and 3 and extensive remediation and protection works if Stores 4 and the Carriage Shop Extension were to be retained.

Following the Robert Bird Group (RBG) advice RailCorp sought advice from independent Engineers to review the RBG advice and provide recommendations to ensure any risks associated with building stability are contained. The report recommended all Stores buildings and the Carriage Shop extension be demolished immediately, but if this was not possible it recommended rectification works to address the risks. The North Eveleigh Concept Plan, approved by the Minister on 16 December 2008, proposed the demolition of all buildings on site other than the Carriage Workshop, the Blacksmiths Workshop, the Paint Shop, the Clothing Store, the Scientific Services Building No.1, the Chief Mechanical Engineer’s Office Building and the Telecommunications Equipment Centre.

It should also be noted that all buildings contain hazardous materials.

Current Position

RailCorp has submitted a development application for demolition of the Stores buildings, the Carriage Shop extension and the Boilermakers Shop. This application process is consistent with the approval of the North Eveleigh Concept Plan. It is proposed to demolish these buildings to slab level to eliminate the risks of the buildings to the public and the rail corridor. It is proposed to demolish the Carriage Shop Extension and the Stores building due to their structural issues and the Boilermakers Shop as it adjoins the Carriage Shop Extension and its use is now redundant.

The proposal will be exhibited from 29 April to 20 May 2009. The application will be notified to adjacent owners and occupiers (estimated at over 600 letters) and will be advertised in the Central Sydney Courier.

In addition, Section 29(2)(a) of the Redfern-Waterloo Authority Act 2004, requires that the Minister for Redfern-Waterloo seek the views of the Heritage Council of New South Wales (now the Heritage Branch of the Department of Planning) on any proposal to alter or demolish an item listed on the State Heritage Register.   The subject site is listed on the State Heritage Register.  As such RWA will seek the views of the Heritage Council.

To support the application RailCorp has provided:

  • A Statement of Environmental Effects;
  • Robert Bird Group (2008) Structural Issues Report Stores 1, 2, 3 and 4 and Carriage Shop Extension (prepared for RWA);
  • Forest NSW (2008) Timber Inspection Stores, 1, 2 and 3;
  • Dincel & Associates Consulting Engineers (2008) Temporary propping and review of Stores 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the Carriage Shop Extension; and
  • Hibbs & Associates (2008) Hazardous Materials Survey Report, North Eveleigh Rail Yards, Buildings 12, 13 and 14.

RWA has requested that RailCorp provide additional information to clarify the proposal in regards to traffic, vibration, hours of operation and termites for the purpose of public exhibition.