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4. Land Use and Design Concepts for RWA Strategic Sites

[This is the text from the above mentioned section of the RWA Draft Redfern-Waterloo Built Environment Plan (Stage One) February 2006. Links to maps and illustrations have been included and details of the file size of the link also added to allow for easy navigation. - REDWatch]

This section outlines the land use and design concept for each of the eight RWA strategic sites. The land use and design concept for each strategic site comprises the following:

• description of the existing character

• description of the existing land use zone

• proposed land use concept

• proposed design concept

• proposed land use zone.

The proposed land use and design concept is illustrated in the accompanying land use, height and floor space ratio diagrams that have been prepared for each RWA strategic site.

The land use and design concepts for each site reinforce the broader land use and design principles included in the previous section.

The proposed land use zones are based on the land use zones included in the draft Standard Instrument (Local Environmental Plans) Order 2005 prepared by the Department of Planning.

A comparison between existing and proposed planning controls for each RWA strategic site has led to the following conclusions:

• Floor space controls for the former Local Court House, Rachel Forster Hospital and Redfern Public School sites are compatible with existing floor space ratio and height controls surrounding these sites. It is noted that the South Sydney Local Environmental Plan does not prescribe floor space ratio or height controls for these sites.

• Floor space controls for the southern part of the Eveleigh Street site have been increased from FSR of 1:1 to 1.5:1 to encourage employment growth. Residential floor space will be limited to a maximum FSR of 0.5:1. The maximum height on the site will be generally limited to 3 storeys to ensure compatibility with the surrounding character and sensitivity to the site’s orientation.

The proposed mixed use land use zoning for the majority of the site provides opportunities for the establishment of a greater range of activities, including non residential uses.

• Activities on the northern part of the Eveleigh Street site are predominantly non residential at present. The proposed mixed use zoning is consistent with the existing land use zoning. Lot sizes, existing character, proximity to the Redfern Railway Station and Cleveland Street and the site’s orientation offer the opportunity to encourage a greater proportion of employment generating uses which is reflected in higher proposed floor space ratio and height.

• The Australian Technology Park and South Eveleigh sites are important employment hubs. Proposed development will reflect the character of the railway yards, lot sizes and configuration. The ATP is physically separated from lower rise residential development by major roads. Where this does not occur, appropriate heights in the ATP and South Eveleigh adjoining the existing residential area have been considered. The proposed increase of floor space ratio and heights offers the opportunity to anchor these sites as major employment generating centres for the local and metropolitan workforce.

• The Redfern Railway Station and surrounding area is distinctive and the proposed maximum floor space ratio of 7:1 is similar to the floor space ratio of 7.5:1 applying around Railway Square at Central Station (with an increase of 1:1 FSR subject to meeting certain requirements in the City of Sydney LEP).

• North Eveleigh comprises one large parcel of land physically separated from existing residential development by Wilson Street and Ivery Lane. A grade separation between Wilson Street of around 5 metres further isolates the site. Currently there are no prescribed height limits on the site and no floor space ratio for residential uses. The proposed maximum floor space ratio of 2:1 responds to the larger lot sizes and building footprints characteristic of its previous industrial character. Future development along Wilson Street and Iverys Lane will be required to respect the character of the adjoining existing development.

Table 4.1 [36 KB] provides a summary of the existing and proposed land use zones, height controls and floor space ratios

Notes to accompany Table 4.1:Existing height controls have been converted from metres to storeys.

Existing height and floor space ratio controls do not necessarily reflect the height and floor space ratio of existing buildings on the sites.

* For certain RWA strategic sites a maximum residential floor space ratio component has been proposed. This is indicated in Diagram 3.4 [656 KB] in Section 3.

[The Land use and Design Concepts proposed in the RWA Draft Redfern-Waterloo Built Environment Plan February 2006 for each State Significant Area has been added into the section of the REDWatch website dealing with that particular area. To avoid duplication they have not been repeated here. The links to the 8 sections have been provided below – REDWatch].

4.1 Australian Technology Park (ATP)


4.2 North Eveleigh


4.3 South Eveleigh


4.4 Eveleigh Street


4.5 Redfern Railway Station, Gibbons and Regent Streets


4.6 Former Rachel Forster Hospital


4.7 Former Local Court House and Redfern Police Station


4.8 Former Redfern Public School