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Redfern and North Eveleigh Precinct Map - TfNSW 2019

This map shows the Redfern Station and North Eveleigh Precinct. It is colour coded to separate out different areas. Of importance to TfNSW's Access Programs proposed southern concourse (in the purple area) is that the orange area onto Gibbons street is proposed as a separate development over the top of Platforms 11 & 12. Transport is reluctant to preempt what a developer might do on this site. In the blue shaded are we have the future North Eveleigh development which has historically included a pedestrian and bike link to South Eveleigh. In REDWatch's view the problem with the current southern concourse proposals is that they do not look at what is needed across these three areas. The solution needs provides accessibility access to all platforms, non paid connectivity across the rail corridor from North Eveleigh to South Eveleigh, connectivity to buses and a future North Eveleigh. The proposed use of Little Eveleigh Street for example will not meet the requirements of the new developments in North Eveleigh. Connectivity needs to be planned across the TfNSW silos to provide the best outcome for the present and future communities that will use the station and connect across it.

Redfern and North Eveleigh Precinct - TfNSW 190704.jpg — JPEG image, 270 kB (277491 bytes)