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RWA Railway Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge Proposals

The Redfern Waterloo Authority (RWA) included the need for a pedestrian and cycle connection between North Eveleigh and South Eveleigh. Here we have assembled some of the planning work they undertook. Firstly we have drawn from the final version of the RWA Built Environment Plan showing two possible connections across the rail corridor. It also included illustrations of how a bridge from North Eveleigh to South Eveleigh would operate and how pedestrians would move from the north end of the station to the south. This work was reflected in the North Eveleigh Concept plan so we have included some material on how this was expected to work on the North Eveleigh side. Finally in 2008 the RWA prepared a proposal for a bridge across the railway line which they called the "Eveleigh Heritage Walk". These documents and supporting were exhibited but the proposal was withdrawn and not progressed. The technical documents can still be accessed on the Department of planning website at - None of these proposals showed how they would connect to the railway platforms however this was expected in the planning documents.

RWA Cross Railway Planning Proposals.pdf — PDF document, 5303 kB (5430397 bytes)