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North Eveleigh Parks DA - Until 4 May 2013

The City of Sydney has advised that the application for North Eveleigh parks, as described below, is on public exhibition until 6 May 2013.

City of Sydney DA Notification

1001 Wilson Street EVELEIGH NSW 2015

Application Number: D/2013/367

Integrated development application for the staged construction of a Local Park and Pocket Park in the north western part of the North Eveleigh Precinct, works include pedestrian links to Wilson St, furniture, terracing and associated retaining walls, community garden, landscaping, reuse of heritage elements, addition to the Blacksmiths Workshop and stormwater and demolition works.

Exhibition Closes: 6/05/2013

View the full details and accompanying documentation here.

UrbanGrowth Development Corporation Note:

UGDC lodged a development application (DA) with the City of Sydney for two parks at the western end of the North Eveleigh site on Monday 25 March 2013. The DA seeks development consent for:

  • A Local Park in the south western corner of the North Eveleigh Precinct, adjacent to Iverys Lane, with an approximate area of 3,350sqm;
  • A Pocket Park to the west of the existing Blacksmith’s Shop with an area of approximately 391sqm; and
  • Associated site works including demolition and stormwater.

Details of the proposal are available at

The application has been lodged as a condition of the approved North Eveleigh Concept Plan requires that an application for development of the parks must be submitted prior to or concurrently with the first application for new floor space. With a development application for affordable housing on the site intended to be lodged by April 2013 it is necessary to lodge a DA for parks in the western precinct.

Construction of the parks is not intended in the immediate future. Construction of the pocket park and the northern part of the local park is expected to occur with the construction of residential development on Wilson Street and on the Clothing Store site, expected within 3-5 years. The development of the pocket park may occur earlier depending on available funding.

The development of the Local Park will need to be staged as the southern portion of this park (Stage 2) is being retained for consideration for future Railcorp/Transport for NSW rail projects and may not be available for some time.

The City of Sydney will exhibit the proposal for 30 days. This is expected to commence early in April 2013. More information will be provided as Council finalises dates.

If you would like to make a submission please send it to:

Planning Assessment Unit, City of Sydney, GPO Box 1591, Sydney NSW 2001

Information regarding the affordable housing proposal by City West Housing and the Transport Management and Accessibility Plan (TMAP) will be notified following submission of the DA, expected within the next week or two.