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Eveleigh Railway Complex must be used to Overnight Heritage Trains

The following statement was issued by Friend's of Eveleigh in response to the revelations that Chippendale residents are unhappy with overnight parking of Steam Train at Mortuary Station.

Why won't RailCorp insist that the Rail Transport Museum use the Eveleigh Complex as an overnight storage area, or is it RailCorp and/or the Government s decision not to use the complex. As well as storing steam trains at the Heritage Listed and recently restored Mortuary Station, it has also been reported that The Rail Transport Museum's carriages are being stored overnight at Central Station with RailCorp Security Guards at both locations - and at whose expense?
RailCorp's own commissioned O'Rourke Report says "consideration needs to be given to accessing layover facilities in the metropolitan mainline network". RailCorp has never denied our suggestion that Eveleigh is the only suitable site available.

Using Eveleigh which has its own 24 hour security guards is a safer and more cost saving exercise than wasting taxpayers money as well as giving consideration regarding smoke and noise to the residences adjoining the Mortuary Station. Railway Stations were never meant for the overnight storage of steam engines; they were always stored somewhere down the yard. Apparently today's experts don't know the right line to take.

Statement from Friends of Eveleigh - All correspondence to: The Secretary, FOE, PO Box 381, Belrose West NSW 2085 Phone 0400 441 482