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Large Erecting Shed Assessment of Adequacy.

This PDF file contains the Apendix to the 3801 Ltd Submission on the RWA Draft BEP. The Attachment provides an Assessment of Adequacy - Structure and Electrical Services of the "Large". The report is important as it shows that the cost of maintainence necessary on the Large is around $3 million which is considerably less than the $12-15 million currently being quoted by the RWA and Railcorp. PDF file is a large 2.3 MB. Please Note - that while the 'Large' is owned by Railcorp this Assessment was commissioned by 3801 Ltd & paid for by 3801 Ltd. No help was received from RailCorp to produce this report on their property!

Assessment of Adequacy_Eveleigh Erecting Shop1.pdf — PDF document, 2327 kB (2382957 bytes)