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Transport for NSW Planning for North Eveleigh Precinct

With the demise of Urban Growth Development Corporation planning for the North Eveleigh site has moved to TRansport for NSW in conjunction with The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE). DPIE say they are taking "a new approach to precinct planning which centres the planning system around people, places, public spaces and the environment. While the planning process for the Redfern North Eveleigh precinct will be led by the NSW Government due to its strategic importance, a key element of the new approach is close collaboration with local councils, stakeholders and the local community." Here we are gathering information about this planning process that publically started in August 2020.
Paint Shop Sub-Precinct Rezoning Proposal
The Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) placed the rezoning proposal for the Paint Shop Sub-Precinct of Redfern North Eveleigh on exhibition from 26 July to 25 August 2022. This section of the website covers this exhibition.
Clothing Store Sub-Precinct Redevelopment
Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE) called for Expressions of Interest for the redevelopment of the Clothing Store Precinct on 17 November 2022. This section of the website deals with the redevelopment of this part of the Redfern North Eveleigh site.
RNE Place Design and Strategic Vision 2020-21
During August 2020 Transport for NSW undertook a Place Design Forum for Redfern North Eveleigh. This informed a Strategic Vision that was exhibited in April 2021 and informed the State Significant Applications. This section of the REDWatch website covers these activities.
Build a Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge
A connection between North Eveleigh and South Eveleigh was mooted by the RWA in 2006 and funds collected towards it but no bridge has eventuated. REDWatch tried to to get one of the two bridges the RWA wanted built into the new Redfern Station Southern Concourse. REDWatch with ARAG and FOE have also been pushing for a bridge connecting Carriageworks to South Eveleigh near the Large Erecting Shop. Even though TAHE are commercialising both sides of the line they have declined to provide a bridge reconnecting the two sides of the former Eveleigh Railway Workshops. THis section is about the Bridge.