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Transport for NSW Planning for North Eveleigh Precinct

With the demise of Urban Growth Development Corporation planning for the North Eveleigh site has moved to TRansport for NSW in conjunction with The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE). DPIE say they are taking "a new approach to precinct planning which centres the planning system around people, places, public spaces and the environment. While the planning process for the Redfern North Eveleigh precinct will be led by the NSW Government due to its strategic importance, a key element of the new approach is close collaboration with local councils, stakeholders and the local community." Here we are gathering information about this planning process that publically started in August 2020.
Redfern North Eveleigh Place Design Forum - 26-27 August 2020
2020 Planning for Redfern North Eveleigh will kick off with a Place Design Forum - 26-27 August 2020 that REDWatch has been asked to attend akong with other community. business, education and government stakeholders. REDWatch has been involved in discussions about the redevelopment of North Eveleigh since 2004. You can find the history of this precinct up a level on this website. Below is the initial information about the Place Design Forum.
Image 2020 Redfern North Eveleigh Precinct
This is a map of the area covered by the TRansport for NSW and Department of Planning and Environment Redfern North Eveleigh Precinct notified in August 2020.
File Redfern North Eveleigh Place Design Forum Info Pack for 26-27 August 2020
This is the Information Pack for participants in the Redfern North Eveleigh Place Design Forum to be held on 26-27 August 2020. The information kit provides an overview of both the site and the program for the forum.
Redfern North Eveleigh Strategic Vision on Exhibition until 23 April 2021
Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has released its Strategic Vision (PDF, 12.05 MB) to guide the renewal and redevelopment of the Redfern North Eveleigh Precinct. Exhibition has been extended until April 23 2021.
File TfNSW North Eveleigh Strategic Vision
This is a copy of the North Eveleigh Strategic Vision released by Transport for NSW on 1 March 2021 for consultation until 26 March 2021.
File Redfern North Eveleigh Outcomes Report of the Place Design Forum held August 2020
DPIE in collaboration with TfNSW, hosted a Place Design Forum in August 2020 to hear views from key stakeholders and community to inform preparation of a vision and any new or updated planning controls for the Redfern North Eveleigh precinct. The presentations and results are captured in the Outcomes Report of the Place Design Forum.
File Redfern North Eveleigh - State Significant Precinct (SSP) Study Requirements
Rezoning in Redfern North Eveleigh will be done as a State Significant Precinct and on 21 December 2020 the Department of Planning Infrastructure and Environment (DPIE) issued the details of what Transport for NSW (TfNSW) must cover in its precinct studies for that rezoning. Study requirements have been prepared in consultation with state agencies and the City of Sydney council to guide (TfNSW) investigations into proposed new planning controls within the Redfern North Eveleigh Precinct.
REDWatch Redfern Station & North Eveleigh Connectivity
This paper was prepared for a Workshop on 22 April 2021 to explore Redfern Station & North Eveleigh Connectivity. It deals with issues related to bus connectivity at Redfern Station, the operation of the Southern Concourse, movements from Waterloo Metro to Sydney University and the need for North and South Eveleigh to be connected as part of the Redfern North Eveleigh vision.
REDWatch Submission on the Redfern North Eveleigh Strategic Vision
This is the text of the REDWatch submission of 26 April 2021 on the Transport for NSW (TfNSW) Redfern North Eveleigh Strategic Vision.
File REDWatch Presentation Slides on Redfern Station Connectivity 22 April 2021.
This is the presentation used for the REDWatch Workshop on connectivity on 22 April 2021. It is best understood in conjunction with the REDWatch Background paper for the same meeting. We acknowledge the work undertaken by Cracknell & Lonergan Architects and others on graphics for this presentation.
Image Eveleigh Bridge Proposal at Carriageworks in September 2006
This is an artists depiction on the Eveleigh cycle and pedestrian bridge proposal at Carriageworks from the Sept 2006 Redfern Waterloo Authority newsletter.
Build a Bridge Campaign
REDWatch, Friends of Erskineville (FOE) and the Alexandria Resident Action Group (ARAG) have launched a campaign to build a bridge across the railway corridor between Carriageworks and South Eveleigh.