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Eveleigh Links RWA, REDWatch and Other Websites

This list of links was prepared for those wanting to find out more about the Future of the Eveleigh Workshops. Please submit any suggestions for other links on this topic to Geoff Turnbull -


The main document from the RWA about this area is the RWA’s Redfern-Waterloo Built Environment Plan. It can be obtained in printed form from the RWA or it can be downloaded from the RWA website at The full report is 13 MB so it is very large to download. It is possible to only down load sections of the report and the section that deals with Eveleigh Railyards is Section 4.1 – 4.3 Land Use and Design concepts (pdf ~2.1mb). If you download only this section also have a look at 3.6 Items of heritage and buildings of historical interest (pdf ~640kb) and 3.3 Heights for RWA’s strategic sites (pdf ~1.2mb). This shows up the two area’s The Large Erecting Workshop and the Southern side of the paint Shop where there is conflict between what is planned and the heritage list. Note also that the heritage list has nothing on Redfern Railway Station other than the ticket office. Most notably absent is the toilet on platform 1 that was used as the reason why the RWA needed the power to override the heritage act.

The gazetted planning instrument to implement the RWA Plan and its associated maps (3MB PDF) can be found on the Depart of Planning website at


Most of the material to do with Eveleigh Railyards on the REDWatch website can be found in the State Significant sites section (press “rwa bep” tab on top of home page)

A one page (22 Kb PDF) summary by REDWatch of the RWA Built Environment Plan can be found at and a web readable version of the RWA Built Environment Plan is at

A number of other important documents are on the REDWatch Website:

The 3801 submission to the RWA including the 3801 commissioned Adequacy report on the Large:

The Minister for transports Media Release on Rail Heritage
Webpage: Download PDF:

A Letter being sent by Minister Sartor in Reply to presentations on 3801 and the Large

Comments from a Letter from John Watkins the Minister of Transport

A Statement from 6th October 2006 from several former Eveleigh Workshop employees with a long held interest in preserving NSW Railway HeritageConcern for the Railway Heritage of Eveleigh Workshops

Comments from the New South Wales Rail Transport Museum on Rail Heritage 3801 and Eveleigh

The REDWatch website also carries many media reports.  One article in the Sydney Morning Herald covered the adaptation of the CarriageWorks into a new performing arts centre Edgy venue forged from gritty past.

The search box at the top of the site is quite powerful at finding material connected to a particular issue – for example for articles mentioning 3801

Other sites where information can be found:

Railcorp -
(Note also Railcorp Fact sheet on Sustainable Rail Heritage Management Strategy at )

Australian Heritage database Nominated place - The Large Erecting Shop - Eveleigh
[this database link takes a long time to load you can also search ]

National Trust -
National trust Inspection of the Large

3801 Ltd -

NSW Rail Transport Museum - & 

[Prepared by Geoff Turnbull, REDWatch 28th September 2006]